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What Software as a Service Means


What Software as a Service Means

Don’t look now, but we pulled out the street-sign image for this topic. It’s a very easy thing to do, say that you offer a full suite of support for a client, especially in the internet age where an email address and a domain name can make you a service-based company online. Unfortunately for clients, these things do not automate the process of actually providing valuable service to the client.

When establishing Chewie Media, we decided that we did not wish to keep clients at arms length, or that we would set up ways to distance ourselves and our support from the end user; Chewie Media would be a company that would go the extra mile for the client, even if the request was not explicitly stated in an agreement.

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You’re guilty of it, and we’re guilty of it.

Look at it sitting there… left out there in the cold with no one to pay attention to it; forgotten about.  It looks like it hasn’t been updated for months.

That poor, poor, website news feed.

You know you’ve heard it many times before, and we’ve been saying it to our clients, but it’s important to update your website to let others know what you’ve been doing as a company.  We’ve all been to a site with a news feed that has had the last update dated from last year and wondered if the site is still alive.

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What we Learned at Buildex

While we are still absorbing all of the feedback and information we received over the two days exhibiting at Buildex Vancouver, there are some lessons we learned that may be of use not only in a tradeshow environment, but holds true for pretty much all aspects of business.

Arrive Early, Be Prepared – We started our preparation for the show months in advance, and still it came down to the wire.  Our video for our display was being rendered out en route to the event, and there was approximately half an hour needed for set up, so when we arrived an hour ahead of time and discovered that we had actually more than an hour’s worth of work to do for setup, that extra time meant we were able to set up and be prepared for when the doors opened.  This is an important thing to keep in mind, especially since…

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Lessons from Buildex Setup

It’s Buildex Vancouver time this week, and setup day 2 was today, and that means that it was time for Chewie to get down to the Vancouver Convention Centre West and set up it’s booth for the coming Wednesday and Thursday.  The day was shorter than expected initially, but complications delayed what ultimately would have been a very quick setup by Chewie Media.  While some things we could have done without (popup back-wall, I’m looking at you), other things not initially on a checklist for exhibitors became necessities.  Here is a list of items that we found indispensible after assuming there would be no need of them.

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Welcome to Chewie Media

It’s official!  Chewie Media has officially opened it’s doors.

Welcome to the home of Chewie Media Inc, an online development firm looking to combine hard work, a keen eye for detail, and a love of the unconventional to deliver unique solutions to clients. Founded by Jeremy Kasdorf, Director of the Web Services department at Cylensis Data Solutions for over five years and an active participant in the web development sector for over a decade, Jeremy is eager to position Chewie Media as a go-to resource for all of your business’ design and development needs.

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