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Week Five: Tell a Personal Story

5: Tell a Personal Story 7 FEBRUARY, 2018 Chewie Tip Story Purpose Pictured above: Paul Henczel, founder of Story Academy, and author of the book "Miracle in a Mill". In this particular picture, he was speaking at "My Story Mondays" in...

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The three most important questions

The three most important questions to ask yourself when hiring website designers and developers: Most of the times when we are asked about building a website, the first three questions we receive are: When can it be done?  Do I need to do anything?  How much will it...

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Your Domain Name and You

Ok, so your domain name is important; it’s quite important actually.  A domain name can tell a potential client a lot about your business, and that’s before they even head to your website.  A domain name will be where someone finds your website, where all of your...

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