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Week One: Write Your Own Content

Write Your Own Content 08 JANUARY, 2018 Chewie Tip Content Creation Motivation Chewie Tip #1 This is really exciting for us – For the coming year, Chewie Media will be providing you with weekly “Chewie Tips” for creating a better online...

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The three most important questions

The three most important questions to ask yourself when hiring website designers and developers: Most of the times when we are asked about building a website, the first three questions we receive are: When can it be done?  Do I need to do anything?  How much will it...

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Your Domain Name and You

Ok, so your domain name is important; it’s quite important actually.  A domain name can tell a potential client a lot about your business, and that’s before they even head to your website.  A domain name will be where someone finds your website, where all of your...

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It’s time to take your website on a date.

Let’s set the scene.  What’s the most important thing on a date?  To make a good first impression.  First impressions will affect how you interact with that person for the rest of the date, and will affect what you think about them until they do something to make you...

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What Software as a Service Means

Don’t look now, but we pulled out the street-sign image for this topic. It’s a very easy thing to do, say that you offer a full suite of support for a client, especially in the internet age where an email address and a domain name can make you a service-based company...

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