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Do you desire more local website traffic and new local customers? With nearly all of your potential customers beginning their search online, can you afford NOT to be shown on the first page of Google? Yes, it’s possible, even if your SEO budget is very small.

Chewie Media's local SEO services are affordable and designed for small businesses that are location specific. In fact, you are at an advantage because Google and the other search engines want to deliver the most relevant results possible and prefer to deliver local search results first.

How Local Search Optimization Works

Our well-rounded local SEO strategy is perfect for any small service type business that operates in a specific city such as restaurants, plumbers, dentists, and hair salons.

Local SEO will optimize your website for location-specific keyword phrases. These phrases are highly descriptive and reflect the way people actually search. For example, you’ve probably done a search similar to “Mexican restaurants Vancouver,” which describes both:

  • What you are searching for – Mexican Restaurants
  • Where you want it located – Vancouver (the location modifier)

Even if you only entered “Mexican restaurants” and don’t enter a city or neighborhood as part of the search phrase, the Search Engines can tell from your IP address where you are searching from and then deliver you “location specific” results.

Benefits of Local SEO for Small Business

For small businesses servicing a very limited geographic area local search optimization services are effective and the benefits can be far reaching.

  • You choose the keywords most relevant to your business to target
  • Your main website content remains untouched (we install an SEO Platform rich in content)
  • Your involvement is limited, freeing up your time to focus on other areas in your business
  • You can attract long-term customers that want to shop local
  • You face less competition for the location-specific keywords
  • You enjoy a lower cost of local search optimization that still works for your type of business
  • You attract more highly qualified, highly targeted website traffic
  • You earn a higher return on investment (ROI)

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Chewie Media's local SEO Services work in association with (yet independently from) your website. Once installed on your website our Local SEO Platform adds new supporting content that is perfectly optimized and relevant for the keywords you are targeting. Our low-cost local SEO Platform includes:

Professional Keyword Research & Analysis

Our staff works with you to analyze and choose the best local keywords most relevant to your business, area, and services.

Search Engine Submission

Every time a change or update is made to your site it is automatically submitted to Google, Yahoo, and Bing so the changes are noticed right away.

Auto Updating XML Sitemap

Every 30 days a new sitemap is generated and submitted to the Search Engines to ensure your website is properly crawled and indexed.

Content Development to Boost Relevancy

A resource library is added to your website to boost your relevancy for targeted phrases.

Website Uptime Monitoring

We stay on top of your website “down time”, as we ping your site every 5 minutes and record any issues.

Monthly Ranking Reports

Track where you rank each month in the SERPs with easy to read reports.

Branded Integration

All pages and content added to your site is 100% branded.

How is our Local Search Different than the Rest?

Statistics show 60% of local searches lead to a sale!
Over the years, dozens of small businesses have come to us needing local SEO services but lacking the required budget. Chewie Media has worked long and hard to develop a small-scale local SEO small business marketing plan that achieves steady results over time.

  • Local SEO developed specifically for small businesses
  • Get found by people in your own city or area
  • Budget friendly approach makes SEO a reality
  • No set-up fees
  • Month-to-Month plans; no long-term contracts

With this pay-as-you-go, month-to-month local SEO service you are in control to decide how many different keywords you want to target. 1st on the List local SEO services are a scaled down version of our popular custom SEO services, yet they are usually more than enough for any small business!

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