Why a Maintenance Plan for Your Website Will Give You Peace of Mind

We know that getting an awesome new website for your business is a significant investment. Not just financially, but in the time spent planning and designing it too. We have to say, we love that you took the leap and made that investment! Now your website is looking how you want it to, it shouldn’t end there because websites are always evolving and growing. They need continual care and attention to make sure they keep running smoothly. So, here’s why a maintenance plan for your website will give you total peace of mind.

Website Protection

Let’s start with security. Because keeping your website safe from hackers should be one of your highest priorities. You’d be surprised how many websites get hacked, even if you think your business isn’t that big right now!

A website hack can happen without you even knowing it, and it’ll have an immediate effect on your business. Not only do you risk losing potential new clients and sales, but it also puts your existing clients’ information at risk. If you take orders through your website, for example, then that data is immediately compromised.

The cost and inconvenience of having to deal with a hack is an expense you’ll want to avoid. And the best form of defense is prevention with good website security to start with. Did you know Chewie Media’s maintenance plans include monthly security updates to protect your website? It’ll ensure the safety and protection of all your information and keep your clients and website visitors safe.

Accidents Happen

We don’t expect you to know exactly what you’re doing behind the scenes of your website. But if you want to play around behind the scenes, that’s fine. It’s just that, sometimes, accidents can happen. Maybe you install a new plugin that doesn’t work well with your existing setup, or you accidentally delete something. An innocent adjustment can bring your website down before you know it.

Instead of having to spend hours figuring out how to fix it yourself, a maintenance plan ensures you’ll have regular backups of your website. That means you can switch back to your most recent backup before you made the change, allowing you to keep working like nothing happened.

Here at Chewie Media, we make sure your website gets backed up regularly so, most of the time, we can roll it back before you even know there’s a problem.

Renewing Hosting

So many people forget the added cost of hosting and domain name renewals that come round every year. For some, it’s an unexpected cost that they didn’t plan for.

But did you know most website maintenance plans include hosting? By subscribing to a maintenance plan, you won’t have to factor in this cost each year. You may even save yourself some extra pennies this way.

With our managed hosting included in our maintenance plans, you can be sure that your website will always be up and running. We’ll deal with any hosting issues as and when they arise.

Keeping Things Updated

Not everyone is tech-savvy; we get it. But we bet you’ll want to keep things up to date with fresh content and new information from time to time.

There’s also a lot of software that keeps your website working and running well behind the scenes. As things change and develop, these programs need updating to make sure nothing breaks down or stops working.

At Chewie Media, all your updates are included with your maintenance plan. We’ll update those plugins and programs as needed. And we’ll upload and install any fresh new content you want to include. For example, we recently had a client who came to us with a website that had broken down due to corrupted and outdated plugins. We were able to fix the problem, install new and updated plugins, and even add an SSL certificate for extra security. Now the client has a website that is working perfectly and is secure.

Ultimately, keeping your website up and running as it should and keeping everything up to date is our priority. That way, you don’t have to worry about it and can keep doing what you do best… running your business! We’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have and deal with any minor issues that crop up with your website too.

So, remove the stress and save yourself a bunch of time by adding on a maintenance plan to your website build, or outsource it to us! Find out more about our available packages here.