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Videos Make Visitors Happy

7: Videos Make Visitors Happy 29 JUNE, 2018 Videos Inspiration Live Last week, we touched on Testimonials, and how these amazing pieces of content can build trust with your customer about a topic that you can’t explain yourself – that you’re...

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Testimonials are Terrific

6: Testimonials are Terrific 14 FEBRUARY, 2018 Chewie Tip Effective Purpose Last week we furthered our discussion on connecting with your visitor – we explained how personal stories can have a great impact on this. Your goal as a company should...

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Tell a Personal Story

5: Tell a Personal Story 7 FEBRUARY, 2018 Chewie Tip Story Purpose Pictured above: Paul Henczel, founder of Story Academy, and author of the book "Miracle in a Mill". In this particular picture, he was speaking at "My Story Mondays" in...

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Have a Simple yet Effective Purpose

2: Have a Simple yet Effective Purpose 16 JANUARY, 2018 Chewie Tip Effective Purpose It may seem self-explanatory, but websites all over the internet are guilty of this content sin; not telling their audience what their purpose is. It may seem...

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Write Your Own Content

Write Your Own Content 08 JANUARY, 2018 Chewie Tip Content Creation Motivation Chewie Tip #1 This is really exciting for us – For the coming year, Chewie Media will be providing you with weekly “Chewie Tips” for creating a better online...

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2017 Christmas Hampers

Christmas Hampers: Let's Do More Next Year 28 DECEMBER, 2017 Humble Giving Christmas This year, very last minute, we decided that we were going to sponsor a family for Christmas this year. I figured that while we were shopping for our family,...

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