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Why We Do What We Do?

We got into websites because when the technical side is stripped away, it’s about crafting a story and an image of a company. The internet is the great equalizer for small businesses – you can appear as large and capable as you want to be, or shrink down to a bespoke single-worker e-commerce shop. You get to decide who you want to be online – and we love helping take you there. Websites are a vehicle for us to help grow other businesses – we’re in the support industry.

What we get out of it, out of building these websites, is that when we are on our game and everything is working – the client has taken our suggestions and told us to run with them – there’s no feeling like seeing the results in action. That first order, that spike in traffic, the name on the front page of Google, or the clients’ first scroll through their new website; it’s exhilarating. When our clients succeed, we succeed – an existence we live vicariously through them. We’re not a construction company, but when they secure a bid on a project due to an architect taking their new website seriously, we’re right there figuratively with a hard hat on. We don’t sell sporting goods, but we get to experience every sale and every product matched to a customer. When a daycare grows to another location, it’s like we get to be there helping pick out the colours.

What we ultimately get out of this industry is what we put into it. That’s why our websites last longer between redesigns than industry standard. That’s why our clients tell us stories about how their new website helped secure an exclusive deal with a major distributor, and that’s why our clients tell us that they’re too busy with new customers to write in their blog any more. We care, and we put our all into everything we do.

Jeremy Kasdorf

Founder and CEO

"As a business owner, being able to clearly communicate what I do and the benefits I offer my clients is a huge priority. My old website just wasn’t cutting it anymore. It was messy, difficult to navigate, and it just wasn’t sending the right message to my visitors. Chewie Media fixed all that! Katie and Jeremy gave me a clean, modernized website that is more than just beautiful – it’s also practical and a HUGE time saver. I’m beyond thrilled with the result, and so happy that I have a website that clearly communicates my message to my customers. Katie and Jeremy genuinely care for their clients, and consider every technical detail of their projects. Their quality of work is first class, much like their customer service and ethical business practices. I would recommend them a thousand times over to anyone who wants a stellar website, SEO package or hosting solution from a reliable company. Thank you, Chewie Media!"
Caitey Gilchrist
Brand Consultant | Design Geek | Frankenbrand Slayer

Why Choose Us

We Do Awesome Stuff.  These Are Our Core Values


Build things people enjoy using

This is the big one. It may be useful, it may look great, but if people don’t enjoy using something, they won’t use it. Chewie Media is constantly striving to improve how people use our solutions by using feedback from those same users.


Make it Right

Have you ever been unhappy with anything you purchased? We’ve all been there, and since Chewie Media has known what it’s like to feel the sting of not being completely satisfied by a product, we aim to never let our clients feel this way about us; if there’s something you feel isn’t right, let us know and we will make it right.


Be Proud of What You Do

Chewie Media is proud of everything we do which is why you can count on us to deliver the best solutions for you. We will never do something we are not proud of, so you can rest easy that everything you get us to do will be our very best.


We Move Mountains

Chewie Media moves mountains so that you can climb yours. We try to make the impossible possible, and perform great feats to help you accomplish your goals. We are here to help you achieve your goals.


Success Guarantee

We get that your marketing is important to you – it is to us too. We want you to be happy with it, so if you’re unhappy for any reason we’ll work together to make it right!


Improve How People Do Things

Dream Big.

Meet Our Team

Chewie Media is a home-grown and agile website design, website development, design, branding, and video company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia as well as Brooks, Alberta.  We server Western Canada and exist to make things that excite us as designers. With over a decade of experience in producing media elements, the staff at Chewie Media have been blessed with being able to do something that they are truly passionate about.

Jeremy-Kasdorf - Chewie Media

Jeremy Kasdorf

Owner and Lead Developer

Hello! I am the owner and operator of Chewie Media Inc. As you can tell from the site, it’s a digital marketing and design agency based out of Chilliwack, British Columbia and Brooks, Alberta. My passion is to help small businesses use the internet in ways that help them thrive.

I am a full-stack website developer and designer by trade and have a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Arts to show for my four jam-packed years at SFU Surrey. I would have to say that I enjoy being an entrepreneur, almost as much as I enjoy designing and building unique websites for companies. Having the freedom to tackle problems and find solutions correctly is an amazing feeling and getting great feedback from those clients makes it all that much sweeter.

When I am not digging through lines of code or aligning pixels in the perfect order, I am chasing after my two children, playing board games, or tinkering with the latest technology that crosses my desk.

Katie_McKay_chewie media

Katie McKay

Sales and Project Management

Hey, I’m Katie!  I’m a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and am passionate about helping you, both personally and professionally, to achieve your goals. I believe in connections and collaboration and am always inspired by the friendships and support that fellow entrepreneurs can give to one another. No one understands you and what you’re going through as a business owner like a fellow business owner does.

NLP allows me to look deeply under the surface, and I like to think that my very honest and real attitude to life means that I’ll tell you exactly what I see and how you can change things to make your life and business better. I’m all about showing you how you can be more visible, motivated, confident, focused and empowered, and I bring that to all of the sites that we do!

I am the proud mum to two beautiful kids, Natalie and Jake, who make every day an adventure. Jeremy and I also own Connect Now Business Network and I won Business Mom of the Year! Let’s talk family, let’s talk business – they’re all connected. 

Why "Chewie" Media?

That's Her, She's Part of the Team Too

Well, Chewie IS actually our dog, and yes… that’s her face!

When we started the company, it seemed fitting to name it this, since our goal was to be a loyal companion with you on your journey, the way she is for us. Over the years, as we’ve grown (and Chewie has become more gray around the chin), it’s become even more true. We’re excited to talk to you and to support you, we’re your cheerleaders, we’re your friends.

Oh, and we like snacks. Thanks for taking this journey with us.

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