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Leave Them Wanting More With a Video or Motion Graphic That Screams Excellence.


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Custom Video and Motion Graphics In Chilliwack, BC and Brooks, Alberta.

Sometimes you need a marketing tool that makes people go “wow”. Leave them wanting more with a video or motion graphic that screams excellence, all while giving them everything they would want to know.
Ever had a situation where you needed to really wow a client? A time where you may have needed something a little extra to make sure your point came across? Video and Motion Graphics is an effective and easy way to give any presentation the “wow factor”.

Types of Video Projects We Work On

There's a Lot To Do, We Love All of It

Instructional Videos

Why make somebody read what they can watch? We put together a comprehensive and easy to follow video depicting a subject you can instruct your viewers on using a mix of on-site and interview footage and titles.

Web Ready Videos

Get your message up and in full video form on your website, today! Did you know that websites with video retain their viewers 40% longer than websites without video content? Do the single best thing for your web traffic and contact us today!

Video Transfer & Upconverting

If you have an old home video which doesn’t look good on your brand new TV, video up-converting is for you. We take your video in it’s current format, resize it to an HD resolution, and then smooth and sharpen the footage, and make it look like never before! We can also colour balance the footage while we’re at it.


Testimonial Videos

Chewie Media uses industry standard equipment to take beautifully shot and rendered testimonial videos for your business.  Wow your customers and clients with something more with our custom testimonial videos.

Other Video Projects

Be it corporate event, association anniversary, or personal pet project, Chewie Media can be there to help you with all of your video production and post production needs.

Have Camera - Will Travel

We Ensure Your Video Project is Perfect From Beginning to End

With our equipment, we are set to go mobile at a moment’s notice. Equipped to come to you for most projects, we take the hassles out of getting good quality video footage.  We know the value of getting the shot the first time around. The lighting is just right, people are feeling relaxed, and the last thing you want is to need to set it all up again a few days later to take the shot again. We make sure we take enough footage to get it all the first time around.

And after the shooting is all wrapped, Chewie uses a wide range of software to get the exact look and feel that you want out of your project. With the Adobe Creative Suite, industry leading color-balancing software, and green-screen keying tools, we are ready for anything your project might throw our way.