Why The Cost of Building a Website Isn’t As Scary As You Think

In a world where online business is booming, especially in recent years, more and more companies are setting up a website and going online. But how much does something like that cost? When you’re first starting, your budget is one of the most critical factors in your decision making. So, knowing the costs of building, maintaining and running a website upfront can be helpful. Here’s why the cost of building a website isn’t as scary as you think.

Let’s Be Honest

Like most things in life, there isn’t only one price to suit all. Websites can cost as little as a monthly subscription to set up. They can also run into the thousands if you want something custom built with lots of unique features.

So, the first point to make here is that the cost does depend on what you want.

Now, we know that’s not what you want to hear. It’s not a very helpful thing to say. But it’s worth remembering before you get going that you get what you pay for when it comes to websites.

A free website will have its limitations. It might have advertising on show, which you’ll have no control over. Making changes and getting it to look the way you imagine may be difficult if you’re not prepared to spend some money.

However, we know not everyone has the budget to spend on a custom-built, all-singing and all-dancing fancy website. So, do your research and figure out what you can spend before you begin.

It’s Not Just Some Digital Pages

The thing with paying for, and building, a website is that it’s not just about the actual pages showing your business.

Behind the scenes, there’s hosting to consider, i.e. where your website will live online, which you’ll need to pay monthly or yearly. You’ll need to buy a domain name (the URL) which is typically an annual payment. Then there’s your website maintenance, to keep your website healthy and running as it should.

If you want custom features without the custom build price, you may still need to buy plugins. This can be another monthly or annual expense.

And it’s also worth remembering the cost of time. Time to get all these things set up and running as they should, as well as the time it takes to maintain them once your website is live.

Website Leasing

An awesome option to get the website you want when budgets are tight is a website lease. It works very much like some of the lower budget systems, like Wix and Squarespace, in that you pay a monthly leasing cost for your website. The best thing, though, is that the website you get is something much more unique and personal to you, your business and your brand.

The benefit of leasing a website, rather than a custom build upfront, is that the plans usually include ongoing maintenance, hosting and so on. You won’t need to lift a finger to keep your site running smoothly!

It’s a great alternative from a self-build, which usually includes lots of hidden costs to different services, which can spiral out of control. For a single monthly lease payment, you’ll get everything you need to have a professional website your clients will come to know and trust.

There’s even the option to buy out the lease after the leasing period is over, so you’ll own your website in full. By that point, you’ll know how well your business is doing and whether you want to commit to owning your website outright.

What We Offer

Here at Chewie Media, we want having your perfect website to be accessible to you, whatever your business and budget. That’s why we offer a variety of different website packages, from leasing options to the full-blown custom build. 

We offer three fantastic leasing packages, starting at just $197 a month. And, if you’re still with us after five years, you can refresh the look of your website without having to pay an additional $500 down to get started. That’s our little way of rewarding our loyal clients. 

But it doesn’t end there. We also offer maintenance packages, hosting and everything you need to keep your website working, even after the build is complete. Ultimately, we want you to have the best functioning website and online storefront for your business that you can afford. The better the website, the better your business will do, right? So, it’s our aim to help your business grow and succeed. And we do love a success story!

Ready to talk about which website plan will work for your business? Get in touch, and let’s book a chat.