You know how fashion changes and develops through time? Clothing, furniture and interiors, cars, hairstyles. They all go through an evolution as new trends, ideas and fashions come along. And it’s no different with web design. We know, right? But, trends appear and disappear quickly and frequently when it comes to web design because tech is changing and developing so fast. Websites date quickly, especially if you don’t update them and harness some of the awesome new ideas coming out all the time. So, here are our favourite web design trends for this year. 

Organic Shapes

Remember when geometric was a thing? All those straight lines and spiky corners were super fashionable a couple of years ago, not only in web design. However, things have softened up more recently, and organic, more fluid shapes are fast becoming a trend. Think rounded edges, circles and half circles. No more straight lines! 

There’s a real sense of getting back to nature with this design trend. It looks great to have fluid design elements on page backgrounds or curved edges to create separate pages. 

Statement Home Page Hero 

Think about that first section on your home page, above the fold. The very first thing any new visitor sees as they arrive on your website. Treating it more like a billboard with a strong background image and intro statement captures the eye of your visitors. We love this power statement for your hero section. It immediately draws focus and lets people know what they’re in for. 

Be warned; this takes a bit of work to get right. You need to get your brand message across in just a few words and a single image. This type of hero section has already been around for a while in some industries, but more and more businesses are using it to great effect. 


Ok, so we know this has been around for a while now. Think about the greats like Apple, who have been using this web design trend for some years. The trend is all about using plenty of white space so that each word and image can shine on the page. But it’s getting a bit of a revamp. Instead of it being white space, why not think about using an alternative colour? Some great sites use brand colours as a background while still bringing those minimalist ideas and elements into play. Colour can freshen up a page and make things a lot more eye-catching and interesting for your audience!

Dark Mode

And on the other end of the scale, we bring you dark mode. Yes, a light, bright website is fresh and invigorating to view. But, for late-night visitors, that bright glare can cause things like eye strain, headaches and migraines. The last thing you want is to put people off because they’re in pain viewing your website!

Think dark or black backgrounds, with light elements and fonts. It’s a trend we’ve seen before, even way back when computers were first in everyday use. But many businesses are bringing it back because of its great user experience and benefits. Some big platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, actually offer visitors the choice to switch between Light and Dark mode. 

Dark mode is fast becoming a way to make websites more accessible to people of all eye sights and abilities. 

We love dark mode sites that are more image driven, so this might be one to consider if this is your business.

A Bold Font

Fonts also go through different fashions and trends. Remember when Comic Sans was a thing? Ok, we’ll try to forget that one too. In recent years, there’s been a real trend for brush script type fonts. But people are doing away with this now and opting for bolder, stronger fonts instead. Again, this comes down to user experience. As lovely as some of those brush scripts were, they weren’t always the easiest to read! 

A bold font is a great way to draw attention to your business and brand. And by bold, we don’t mean BOLD. You can make a font bold by using a strong colour choice as well. Remember, fonts don’t just have to be black or white! 

Eye-Catching Video

We’re not just talking about embedding a YouTube video somewhere on your home page here. Oh no! Videos for your website should be smart and slick. Think about those engaging video hero sections, with a clever video as a section background rather than a simple embed. When it’s done right, it’s eye-catching and pulls a new visitor further into your page. It should be on brand and relevant to the content on the page and not distracting from the message the page is sharing. 

It’s a skill to get this trend right. But we know it will be even bigger in the coming months, so get on it now to make an impact.

Whatever styles and trends you choose to include in your web design, make sure you get it done right. At Chewie Media, we have all sorts of web design packages and services to help you get the website you’ve been dreaming of. Get in touch, and let’s have a chat about what you need!