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Amaze Everybody With a Clear Vision of the Road Ahead

Your company is a living, breathing organism. It grows over time and starts to resemble the business that you always wanted it to be – you find out what your core values are, what your company stands for, and what sets it apart from competitors in an ever-growing marketplace. Your brand is how others view your company; despite what all of these values and goals and ideals may actually be, your brand is how customers and clients see your company – its values, goals, and ideals.

Think of all of the values you want your company to be known for. Now imagine how your potential clients would ever know about this without you speaking to them. This is what Chewie does with branding every day. Chewie takes the guesswork out of branding, distilling all of the values your company holds dear into a cohesive, strong, and unified branding strategy. We want you to put your best foot forward; let us help you with your branding today.


Let Us Be Your Branding Curators

We know that your business is forever changing, and the need to constantly have something new in the pipeline is important. So why go through buying a new brochure design from somebody and hope it fits with your brand strategy? Our branding plans start from the foundation-up and take all of the guesswork out of what will and won’t work when adding new pieces. And every month, we produce more materials for you as you need them. That means quicker and better looking designs for your business.

And if you have an existing brand strategy, Chewie Media analyzes all aspects of it before starting – thus ensuring that all of our work for you fits perfectly with your existing message, and then enhances it. Add to this the Chewie guarantee and our desire to make sure everything is the best it can be, and it’s easy to see why people are loving our new branding plans!

"A year ago Oasis Trailer Manufacturing decided to use Chewie Media as our website provider. Within this year they have amplified our viewers to our website and our Parts and Trailer sales have improved.Chewie Media is a professional company with a personal touch from Jeremy and Katie. They take great concern for our business and meet our requirements and needs. They are very devoted to making the website the best they can for us and our viewers. Jeremy and Katie are easy to talk to and are always ready to do any necessary changes that we need. We feel very content that they have our best interest in mind. "
Henry Friesen
Owner Operator, Oasis Trailer Manufacturing

Sending a Unified Message


You Need a Brand Strategy

A brand needs guidance; it needs direction. We establish a clear and concise road-map for your brand, one that informs all other aspects of your design – from logo to web to print. With a clear strategy, will will accomplish amazing things together.

Thoughtful and Unified Branding

Every piece of branding tells a story; every design is important. We take that road-map and we apply it to all of our designs for you so that each piece looks like it is a continuation of the last. In this way your message is strong, clear, and easy to understand.

360 Degree Service

We take our jobs as brand curators very seriously. That’s why everybody at Chewie Media who works on your branding materials knows both the conceptual and the technical side of things. That means no mix-ups at the printers, no difference between design and development of the website, and it means that we take responsibility for the technical execution of each and every item. What we design is what you will get, because we know exactly what is possible.

Built From The Foundation-Up

Part of delivering amazing branding and design solutions is about executing the basics correctly. We start with a strong foundation so that every decision is informed and deliberate. This starts with the brand board, defining in words the values of the brand, and identifying the exact colours involved in the materials. Establishing rules for how things can be displayed helps keep things in line, and also ensures that when we do break the rules we made, there’s a reason behind it.

User Centered Design

Every step of the way, Chewie Media employs user centered design to inform our decisions. By designing with your clients and customers in mind from the first second, we all but eliminate the possibility of your new materials missing the mark. Make sure your branding resonates with your client base by contacting us today.

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