I heard a quote by Maya Angelou this morning that really spoke to me – “Nothing Will Work Unless You Do”.

Your website is a VERY powerful tool in terms of getting your messaging across. It increases the professionalism of your site, and the overall appearance of your business and ultimately of you as the owner. There is a lot that your website can do for you!


1. Bring People To Your Site with SEO.

If you’ve spent any time around me, you’ve probably heard me talk about this a lot: it’s not enough to simply exist online anymore. There is so much more to it. You want people to type in your services and find you – they aren’t going to magically know that you exist, simply because your website was published. You’ll need to be found, so that when your potential customers come to your website and see how attractive and professional it is, you’re more likely to land the sale.

One of the best ways is with Search Engine Optimization. When was the last time you Googled something and you went to the second or – gasp – the third page? It’s not likely. You want to be found on the front page. Your competitors do too, so you’ll need to put some elbow grease into this one and put the effort in to be found.

You can hire an SEO company to perform Advanced Keywording for Google to crawl through, or if you want to, you can do something on your own – blogging!! Blog. People, seriously, blog. Google is really intelligent – it knows if you’re writing valuable content, and it will reward you. You’re more likely to come up in search results with a properly written article that will help your viewers!

It also makes you real. People do business with people – they want to know that there’s someone behind the screen that they’ll be dealing with.

It’s also a great way to produce content for social media! Start sharing it around and you can say “Hey, this is who we are, this is what we do, let’s go!”


2. Networking!

Okay – I’m not sure if many of you here know, but I also own Connect Now Business Network. We focus on making personal connections with regular lunch and learn meetups. People do business with people, and especially those with whom they know, like and trust. By networking and gaining those personalized relationships, it’ll bring people to your website!

Think about it – you’re on Facebook. A friend of a friend makes a post: “Hey friends, does anyone know someone that does ___________” (fill in the blank here with your services).

When your friend sees that, you better believe they’ll be tagging you first! Hey, yeah they DO know you and they DO recommend you! They’ll tag you online, and bring you to your social media platforms and website. It starts the conversation through a legitimate referral.


3. Opt-Ins and Freebies

People want to hear what you have to say. Give them value. Give them a reason to listen! When they’re coming to you to ask about a service, they already know that they need that service. It’s your job to demonstrate and provide the value to bring them comfort in knowing that you are the right person for the job.

Give people something that they can implement right away! Become that trusted professional that they will turn to for advice, and ultimately turn to when it comes time to hire for your services.

Business owners are inundated with decisions that they have to make. With an opt-in, you can say “Hey – download this, you’ll get this, this is how you use it”. Make it simple, they’ll appreciate it. So many people don’t know where to begin, so this can be a very easy way to take the lead. Add them to your mailing list and follow up with them.

Don’t think of it as being pushy – don’t think of it as forcing a sale – you’re leading people towards this opportunity of having a better service.

Nothing Will Work Unless You Do
– Maya Angelou

You want your website to be professional. You don’t want it to look like you’ve done it yourself. It’s worth the investment (that is probably less than you’re expecting it to be – come and talk to me to find out). If you have a website that you’ve thrown together in a few hours, it’s going to show – how much is that going to cost you? How much business are you going to miss out on because you don’t seem professional to a potential client?

Use these tools. Start blogging, networking and creating opt-ins. People want to work with you! Give them the opportunity to do so!

Do you have more questions about this? Reach out! I’m happy to help!