Get Past The Plateau
With SEO


Get Past The Plateau
With SEO



Chewie knows that the number one thing on everybody’s mind today is: How to get Your Website on the front page of Google. It’s a task which requires a clear plan and understanding of how your clients are attempting to find you on the internet. There is a lot more that goes into an amazing web presence than just the design or the development – and there is more to an amazing web presence than simply optimizing an existing website. It takes a strong foundation, solid design and strong development, and then a cohesive branding strategy and a clear SEO plan to make your web presence work for you.

With Chewie Media, we create on-page and external SEO strategies using the level of consistent support and all-inclusive services that our customers have known to love. With our strategies, you are guaranteed improvement in traffic from previous months on your website. You can rest assured that you will see a return on your investment when investing in a proper SEO strategy with Chewie. So take the Chewie challenge! We have already guaranteed an improvement in traffic over your previous traffic. What will you do with your new visitors?

Local SEO

Budget Friendly Plans for Local Businesses

You just want to be found for “service+city” type searches by people within close proximity to you.

Regional SEO

Growth Focused Plans for Small Businesses

You want to attract visitors from cities around you and focus on long term growth for your business’ future.

Corporate SEO

Strategic SEO Plans for Established Businesses

You do a lot of sales, employ a large staff, are in a competitive industry or all of the above.

Find a Solution that Works for You



Creating an SEO strategy is just as much about knowing what works and what doesn't as it is about knowing what to expect out of a type of strategy and matching that with your goals - because your expectations should be perfectly matched up with our plan to give you the optimal level of service.

We determine this by finding out your goals for your site, what level of return you are looking from your SEO strategy, and how wide the net is that you wish to cast - every company and industry is different, so it is important that the SEO plan you subscribe to is right for you. For example, if you company is trying to be found on the front page of Google for multiple large industries, you may wish to subscribe to a plan larger than our entry level "Launch" plan.

Chewie feels that most of the groundwork for good SEO is done organically, on the webpage. We believe that at the end of the day, Google will change and adapt to lower the results of the "get ranked quick" schemes, but our work will stand the test of time as we build everything on a foundation of great, relevant content and solid webpage building practices.

Launch Plan

Launch your website into orbit with our SEO Launch Plan, and get started with a costeffective strategy that will see your number of visitors rise, and your exposure increase. Get found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo at a better rate and start seeing more visitors to your site!


Increase your web traffic and brand awareness and convert that traffic into more sales. We help you target your local area and ensure that you are in the top pages of search results for a targeted range of search terms relating to your business so that you can be found, and found often.

Galaxy Plan

Make your website a prime destination on the first* pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Increase your traffic and generate leads through a range of your most important search terms. Put your business in a position to grow with a long-lasting strategy that will be paying dividends for years to come.



Some of the features in some of our plans offer an amazing value for such a small investment in an SEO plan, and we wanted to outline what those are. In this way, you are better informed and have better expectations of what you are getting from a Chewie Media SEO package. We are so confident, in fact, that we also provide an improved traffic/ranking guarantee on all of our plans. Now where else can you get that level of commitment?


Advanced Keyword Phrases

Advanced keyword phrases are our answer to clients looking to rank higher on Google but without the infrastructure and budget for massive adwords campaigns. We choose which phrases and locations you want to be found with when people search for you in Bing, Yahoo!, and Google, and then make it a reality.


Crafted Content

From time to time, there is a need to create content to help your ranking for a service, location, or new initiative. Chewie Media provides this service, creating new website pages with custom content written for the express purpose of increasing your rank in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our strategy may employ multiple pages of new content, additions to existing content pages, or an audit of sections of the website.


Content Shaping

On those pages that we optimize on-page ranking, we also work with your existing content and edit it, rewrite it, or add to the content in order to provide you with the best ranking you can achieve with those pages. As search engines are constantly refining what it is they feel is required for a good ranking, our service also provides ongoing refinement to that this content.

SSL Certificate

Google is starting to give priority listing to websites with SSL certificates, ensuring that the most viewed websites will be absent of malicious code and secure for all viewers. This vital security measure usually costs around $130/year; however, we include a complementary SSL certificate for your site as part of our Redwood website package.



All of our SEO plans include these features, which we believe are the keys to a great SEO strategy. From our Launch plan to our Galaxy package, you will find a Chewie SEO plan will always contain the following:


Advanced Keyword Phrases

Advanced keyword phrases are our answer to clients looking to rank higher on Google but without the infrastructure and budget for massive adwords campaigns. We choose which phrases and locations you want to be found with when people search for you in Bing, Yahoo!, and Google, and then make it a reality.

Inbound Links

A good inbound link comes from an authoritative website, and uses natural anchor text. The right backlinks can do two great things for your website: They can drive traffic to your website, and they can help you rank up higher in Google. Chewie Media goes about doing this in a way that Google looks for, and the results speak to this.


On-Page Ranking Optimization

Your website can always do better when being placed on search engine results; and we’re here to help with that. We work with content, adjust tags, and add all of the supporting work behind the scenes to make sure your pages are found with better frequency and accuracy than before.


Content Strategies

Sometimes an area of your site needs rewritten to better rank with a search engine for a specific keyword, or set of keywords. We will identify this based on your goals and will create your new content.

Organic SEO

We make sure that every SEO strategy is firmly based upon a strong organic strategy. It takes more time to see results, but those results last longer than any others. We want your site to have the structure to be a top website, not just make you look like one.

Website Reporting

We take great strides to provide you with the information you need, right when you need it. Because of this, we will be sending you reports every month with a breakdown of all of your website traffic, how you rank against competitors, and what kind of performance you are receiving on your desired keyword phrases.

Socially Responsible SEO

We’re here to build great websites, help build businesses, and help build communities.  This is where we can make a difference.  For every SEO strategy we curate, Chewie Media pledges to plant a minimum of 50 trees a month to help establish communities, reverse the negative effects of greenhouse gasses, and promote sustainable growth for years to come.

Chewie Media got my business off the ground in the dynamic, professional manner I was looking for! He has captured my personality and worked with me at length to incorporate all aspects of Sageberry Creek & Co to reach the audience I intended. I would recommend Chewie Media to anyone considering website design. Let Jeremy get your business off the ground and watch your sales increase! Great job! Thank You!

Brenda Fabian

Owner, Sageberry Creek