Extending our lists of content sins that website owners commit is another simple to identify yet so-often ignored content faux pas that will leave visitors to your site confused and unsure about being there.

It ranks high up with other advice for running a business such as “ask for the sale” and setting clear and defined goals: it’s the sin of not telling a potential customer what you can do for them.
It happens more than you would expect, and it may even be happening on your website as we speak.

Yikes… sorry about the video quality here. My camera was having a moment, so I stole it from the Live video that I did on Facebook.

Take us for example. There are so many aspects to building a website that you don’t see, and if I were to tell you each detail, let’s be honest, you’d probably be pretty bored! We could tell you that we develop websites using a mixture of PHP, JavaScript and mySQL. We may go on to talk about how we work in WordPress or Drupal for the majority of our projects, and what we like about each one.

Pretty boring, huh?

At the end of the day, that statement did nothing to let you know how you would be better off by doing business with us.

This is what you’d want to hear instead:

“We build custom websites that not only look great, but will help to take you to the next level of your business and can sell your customer on your own set of values. Alongside website design, we can also create your branding, perform search engine optimization, and craft video. From branding and websites all the way to event videography and motion graphics; we exist to make things that excite us as designers – and empower you.”

We know that there are a lot of reasons that bring somebody to your website – however, it is almost always so that they can see what you can do for them.  So when you decide to tell them, don’t assume that they are there just to see your list of services: they found your site already by looking up one of your website’s services already.  No, they’re looking for you to tell them what you’re able to do for them.


Can you save them money because you do a certain service a different way, or can you save a customer time by going with you over a competitor because you have a method that takes half as long?  The key here, again, is to set yourself apart from your competition with what you can do for you clients which is unique to you.

When you do this in your content, you start to become attractive to your potential clients and customers = and you begin to position yourself in a way that customers find meaningful when shopping for your services.  You become more than a supplier of a type of service, you become a company that can fix somebody’s unique problem.