Chewie Tip #1

This is really exciting for us – For the coming year, Chewie Media will be providing you with weekly “Chewie Tips” for creating a better online presence for your business. For our first series of videos, we’ll be covering what you can do when planning your website to make sure you have the best of everything you need to have on your website. This first series of videos will be on the importance of content and how to make that content the best it can be.

Here’s the Live Video from last week that was done about the importance of Writing Your Own Content!

Your website content is important – it keeps visitors on your site longer, and lets them know if they will become customers or not. It’s also one of only a few ways you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your content is your way to get across your company message, offer deals, show your work, and explain what you do and how you are different.

So … why would you not want to be the one to write that content, seeing as it is an extension of your business?

I know, you’re thinking that the last time you wrote this much was for your business plan. Maybe you dislike writing, you feel you aren’t very good at it, or you simply do not have time for it. The beauty of writing your own content is that you don’t need to write a fully polished collection that is ready to copy and paste to the page. Most web designers or branding specialists will be able to take your content that you write and craft it into a more polished and edited collection of work – and it both makes their jobs easier to do, and it gives your content the benefit of being 100% accurate (again, you know your industry best). A designer or branding specialist can then use the unique “voice” you have written in to inform any other areas of content that they need to craft in the future.

Not hiring a designer or branding specialist? Have a friend or relative with an eye for this edit your material. The key is to start with your words and then work towards getting it ready to put online. It will be your voice, and it will seem more sincere and refreshing to visitors compared to canned descriptions and impersonal paragraphs that can be found on any website in your industry. Be sincere, be authentic, be you – and your website will be received better and start working for you.
I hope this has been helpful. Let me know what you think below …

I look forward to seeing you each week for a new #ChewieTip