Yes, that’s down below. And yes, it took us forever to put pictures of ourselves online. We’re learning too.

For the majority of business owners, whether they are solopreneurs or entrepreneurs with a few employees, or owners of even larger businesses – the quest to differentiate your business from your competition is an ongoing battle. We’ve already mentioned a couple of ways this can be achieved, but your goal takes you further than this. Your goal is to not only demonstrate how you are different, but also find a way to connect with your potential customer or client. There are a few ways to do this, and it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all proposition, but one of the easiest and most effective ways to begin this journey of leaving your mark on a customer is to use your face.

I know what you’re thinking – but Katie, my company is more than just me. Why would I want to put a picture of myself front and center? The answer is that people like to see who they are dealing with, and for the majority of businesses, the owner is directly involved in everything the company does. Using a picture of yourself on your website projects accountability and confidence in your services and products – subconsciously, everybody knows that somebody wouldn’t personally endorse something unless they believed in it themselves.

Your picture accomplishes what pages of text would not – it promises them that you provide your personal guarantee.

I tried to find an “interesting” picture of us, and I love this one too much not to share. A little boy that wouldn’t look at the camera, and a little girl that thought the camera was going to steal her pumpkin. Cameras are serious business.

But why is your face effective?

Because for most businesses, the owner and operator IS the brand – it’s the face that the customer will be dealing with and it’s the voice on the other end of the phone. Most likely, the business owner has been operating and running their business and/or working in the field they’re in for years. Your skills, connections, and experiences inform the company’s brand. A good rule of thumb though, when using a picture of yourself in the website is to make it interesting. Try posing in a relevant location, wearing something comfortable yet professional, and try to inject some personality into the picture when possible. If you have a tool of your trade, try posing with that.


Using your photo on your website is a great way to help you connect with your audience. It humanizes your company, gives you a distinct feel, and differentiates your company from others. Give it a try and see what it does for your business. Next week we expand on the idea of personalizing your website – I look forward to seeing you then!