small business marketing Louisville KY

small business marketing Louisville KY

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It would not be a surprise to come across a local small business marketing firm that highly recommends you consider outsourcing your small business marketing in Louisville, KY. Sownd Marketing is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Louisville, KY, and, yes, we would like an opportunity to compete for your business. Still, we want to provide you with a brief guide that can seriously make your marketing endeavors more profitable, whether you choose Sownd Marketing, DIY marketing, or hire a cheap freelancer on Upwork. Use the following guide to have no regrets during the entire small business marketing process:

Step #1: Get Organized

You have probably heard the saying, ¨Cleanliness is next to Godliness¨ or some variant of that expression. Well, the same principle applies to small business marketing. If all you have is a journal, you are at least a few steps ahead of most of your competition! However, being organized goes far beyond keeping a detailed journal. One of the best ways to get organized is to bring in an expert from the outside who can provide a ton of experience and a fresh pair of eyes. Being organized is essential for success with small business marketing.  

Step #2: Leverage Your Funnel

Having a website is critical for every small business in Louisville, KY. Likewise, having a well-optimized social media campaign is crucial for small business marketing. However, podcasting might not be for every business. E-books might not work for your business, but then again, they might help to establish your company as the authority in your local niche/industry. A small business marketing expert can help you easily figure out the best marketing mix for your business and how to leverage your sales funnel to increase profitability.

You can do other things as well, such as claiming your business on Google My Business. Make sure your listings are current on all of the review platforms and manage your reviews constantly. Have a website, and if you have a website that is lacking, consider a website overhaul or re-design.

Step 3: Define the Benefits, Features, and Specifications of Your Product or Service

It almost goes without saying, but many Louisville small businesses are so caught up in all the advanced stuff, they never take the time to define their products or services fully. The prices that you can charge for your products and services depend on your market, the quality of your products, and your target segment.  

To write your product definition, you need to know who you are marketing to, and you will want to tell the full story of your product or service. You will also want to focus on the benefits, as benefits sell and features don´t. Verbiage, word choice, and natural language are critical when writing your product definition. Remember, babies crawl before they walk, and they walk before they crawl. Likewise, your small business should start with the basics and leave all of the advanced stuff for the experts.


small business marketing Louisville KY

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small business marketing Louisville KY

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