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Novii Counselling is a Counselling company based out of Langley, British Columbia. They offer a wide range of counselling services from grief and loss to dragon slaying. Novii was looking to translate their whimsical sensibilities and unique approach to counselling, utilizing the calming presence of a counselling dog onto the online space – a unique and tall order for many designers.

Novii Counselling is amazed by their new website. The calming and clean design elements mixed with custom photography by CMC Photography created the perfect atmosphere that Novii was hoping to achieve with their online presence.

Novii’s primary focus was on their website design. After going through previous website designs, Novii was always unhappy with how the design of the site did not convey the feel of their approach to counselling. On top of this, branding was a question mark for Novii. With a strong feeling toward the Dragon Slaying aspect of their practice, Novii wanted to incorporate this theme without all of the medieval trappings that typically goes along with it. Chewie Media immediately came up with a plan for the design of the site. The logo design, meanwhile, went through many different iterations. What would up being designed was exactly what Novii wanted on all fronts.

Just wanted to let you know that your awesome website is giving me fantastic business. Thanks so, so much! I’m so busy right now that finding time to even update my blog is going to be a challenge. You’re a genius!

Lisa McLellan

President, Novii Counselling & Consulting


Novii Counselling & Consulting

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Be More Visible

A second concern was the need to become more visible to potential clients – not just getting more hits on Google, but meaningful hits translating to potential clients. Chewie Media raised their organic monthly viewership exponentially, and Novii has never been busier as a result. Most recently, she has been speaking with her clients over Skype calls!

Happily Blogging

The third concern was blogging. With an easy to update and very robust blogging set up, Novii is comfortable with creating custom content and navigating the controls of the site to manage this content including keywords, images, and formatting.

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