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MYBC Consulting helps businesses reach their true potential through valuable partnerships and innovative promotion techniques. They’re proud to provide groundbreaking marketing solutions and authentic relationships with businesses in the building industry and beyond!

MYBC Consulting is all about making real, authentic connections. MYBC stands for many things: Making Your Business Count, Motivating Your Business Colleagues, Maintaining Your Best Customers and Minding Your Best Connections. They promote your business to key industry influencers and people who are waiting to love your products and services, help businesses motivate their teams through unique training programs and personalized customer service, let your customers know what you’re up to and how your services continue to benefit them and maintain and strengthen your industry connections to promote valuable business relationships.

Jeanette was looking for a website to really showcase all of the businesses that she works with, and portray them in the shining light that they deserve. Chewie shares her love of authentic relationships and was excited to work on this project!

For a small business owner who wants to grow into the vision we have for our company….we couldn’t have launched without the services of Chewie Media! Katie met with us for over 3 hours our first time and listened to our vision. Both her and her partner Jeremy worked tireless to bring our website to life. AND they continue to manage the content and hosting every month….huge lift from our shoulders. Thank you thank you!

Jeanette Y. Martin

Founder, MYBC Consulting


MYBC Consulting

Project Features

Website Design, Website Development, Blog, Events Calendar, Hosting, Website Maintenance, Existing Branding

Represent Clients

Jeanette wanted to make sure she could distinguish between the work that she does for other companies and those that she represents. Another way that she does business differently is by providing “Lunch and Learns on the Road”, and it was important to have a section describing the benefits of such a service.

Presence: The Greatest Gift

She wanted it shown throughout the site how much she truly cares about her customers.
Jeanette says it best: “…to me life is precious, life is short, and life is full! When we are presence for one and another devoid of all the clutter of social media, chatter of TV or radio or worrying about emails to answer or call make and we look to the person in front of you and we value the present to us… themselves!

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