Connect Now Business Network

Growing Businesses through Connecting Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, or a business owner with years of experience under your belt, Connect Now is here to offer you a unique mixture of in-person and online meetups, events, seminars, summits, resources, and training to help you take your business to the next level.  With chapters throughout the Greater Vancouver area, you get access to our tried and true in-person networking meetups, new and exciting online platform, and robust and inclusive online social network of members.

Connect Now was created because we need each other to fulfill our purpose. Life as an entrepreneur can be isolating, and Connect Now is where you can find your circle of support, business owner to business owner, professional to professional, person to person. The group is for making connections, exchanging referrals, and enriching the community. Connect Now offers opportunities for meeting other professionals and business owners through business networking meetups and professional development events. Invite a fellow entrepreneur! All business owners and professionals are welcome. When we invite others, we all benefit.

Their Manifesto:
“We believe we are stronger together!
  We believe that people want to connect, and they want to connect with YOU.
Our superpower is connecting with people, and connecting people with others and the resources they need to succeed.
Our purpose is creating WIN-WIN opportunities for connecting, collaborating, and building strong communities.
It’s all about helping people to help more people, and building strong circles of support, together. Reciprocity. Gratitude. Positivity. Collaboration.
We need each other. Being an entrepreneur can be isolating. Make efforts to be around like-minded people. Get out of the office, and away from your devices. Be revived. Be renewed.
Focus on what you can give, not take. Expand your reach. Opportunities are abundant. Empower each other.
Realize your true value. See other’s true value. Participate in education and enlightenment to better your life and the world around you.
Be a leader. Be organized, yet flexible. Build up. Lift up. Level up. Celebrate. Let’s help each other build our businesses!
Connect Now is the place to get connected. Get inspired and be inspiring.
Connect Now. Networking works!”

“We had a big vision for the site, but didn’t know the steps to get there. Jeremy was incredible in terms of making suggestions, and bringing those same suggestions to reality.

Our focus: As a membership-based network, we needed user management, the ability to share news and blog articles from users, and the ability to run subscriptions through the site. The way that it’s built makes the day to day subscriptions a breeze to handle, and the system does a lot of the work so we don’t even need to think about it. I love how easy it is to update, and anything beyond my knowledge is done by Chewie Media on a regular basis.

I’m thrilled with my site, thank you!!”


Connect Now Business Network

Project Features

Website Design, Website Development, Landing Page(s), Portfolio, Blog, Events Calendar, Google Maps Listings, E commerce, Custom Development, Hosting, Website Maintenance, Content Creation, Logo Design, Branding, Rebranding, Product Explanation, Service Explanation, On-Page SEO, Local SEO

Eye-Catching Blogs

Connect Now is using their blog for multiple reasons, all of which bring the user to the site. Whether it’s to share a message about the network and their stance on current events, or providing business tips and resources to help grow your business.  They want to ensure that people know when the next event is, so there is always a countdown on the blogs to let people know when it is. Everything leads back to where they’re the most active: Facebook. The use of the blog is very extensive and done in an eye-catching way!

Lots to See and Do

On the Home Page, it connects them to many sections on the site that matter: Finding a location, an event to go to, meating the leaders that run each chapter, and seeing what members have to say. The goal: bringing people together.

Connect Now is a new type of business network where we encourage focusing on collaboration, rather than competition. We love connecting people through events, content, and education. Members help each other, creating opportunities for building growth and momentum, together. Your business is your priority, so we created a group where you can attend when you can, and you’ll always be welcomed. Our membership is flexible, yet highly organized to support you in your efforts.

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