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Agency-level design quality meets the intimate customer service of an independent contractor. You get the best of both worlds! Your Brand Is the Star! Whether you need a kick-ass logo design or full-scale rebrand, we’ve got you covered! Join other happy Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland business owners whose brands have come to life through Caitey Gilchrist Creative.

Agency-Quality Branding with a Personalized Touch. Your brand is in good hands with Caitey Gilchrist Creative.
Did you know… There is a monster plaguing small businesses. It rampages through our marketing materials, and talks smack behind our backs! (Super rude.) This monster is known as the Frankenbrand, and it may be costing you business.

Want to learn more about it? She can tell you, here.

Caitey is ready to slay your Frankenbrand and give your brand a makeover. She was looking for a website to really show what she’s made of: the quality and consistency of her work is incredible, and her website reflects the clean and fresh nature of her style.

As a business owner, being able to clearly communicate what I do and the benefits I offer my clients is a huge priority. My old website just wasn’t cutting it anymore. It was messy, difficult to navigate, and it just wasn’t sending the right message to my visitors. Chewie Media fixed all that! Katie and Jeremy gave me a clean, modernized website that is more than just beautiful – it’s also practical and a HUGE time saver. I’m beyond thrilled with the result, and so happy that I have a website that clearly communicates my message to my customers. Thank you, Chewie Media!

Caitey Gilchrist

Brand Consultant | Design Geek | Frankenbrand Slayer


Caitey Gilchrist Creative

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Website Design, Website Development, Portfolio, Blog, Hosting, Website Maintenance

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Her aim is to help small business owners live their passion and connect with their audience through visual communication, create new opportunities for small business brands through education, collaboration, and support. Through listening, understanding, and collaboration, Caitey will help small business owners live their passions authentically. She will continue to respect their missions, visions, and values while providing personalized and honest guidance.

Showcase Portfolio

One of the things that Caitey was looking to do was showcase her work – including ours! We have been thrilled with all that she has done for us in terms of bringing our vision to reality, and we are thrilled to have been able to reciprocate!

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