Los Angeles Network Support

Los Angeles Network Support

A common concern among companies outsourcing network support is the loss of control. It is a natural response when using proprietary infrastructure that needs the best protection. The vital task will be to find a trustworthy Los Angeles, network support provider who can meet all the projected needs of your company. Primarily, the right one should provide the following network support tools:

  • The latest RMM tools for the best NOC service
  • High SLA speeds
  • Strong security practices
  • Regular reports of the network’s usage
  • Relevant certifications and regular upscaling of the existing programs

The steps towards acquiring the best network operating center support is defining the most critical stages of the process. Here are the most fundamental processes:

Define the NOC’s importance

What will you accomplish with the external network support? The answers will give you the clarity to set the right expectations. The understanding sets the tone of how you will collaborate with the provider in defining the services you will need for long-term success.


Evaluate each network service the same way you would evaluate a resource within the company. Our sales and technical team can break down how the service will benefit your system in regards to work productivity and ROI generation.

The evaluation should include probes on the limit of support tickets you can submit in a specific duration, extra charges on services like onboarding development, and limitations that you do not find acceptable for your company’s work style.

Do not be afraid to ask questions that extend beyond the pricing. Find out how each granular service compliments your existing IT system before using price as a determinant.

Include security concerns

Be sure to confirm that the proposed NOC will sustain your security concerns. Security aspects should address data access control, network security measures, and the physical security of devices.


Be Structured can explain how NOC can coordinate with your security team for an effective partnership. Ensure that the responsibilities of both networks are clear so that there is no question on what your organization should manage. The different levels of security in our services include the following elements:

  • Antivirus and malware protection tools
  • Firewalls
  • Access control

Comprehensive services

A Network Operating Network has an unusual amount of activities. Ensure that the provider includes the following fundamental ones:

  • Software applications such as Windows
  • Policy enforcement
  • Threat analysis
  • Service reporting
  • Storage and backup management


Monthly and daily reports are essential for the productivity of the NOC. The reports keep all the teams in place updated with the issues at work, and how they can identify areas of development and services that require additional training.

Consistent helpdesk

A distinctive feature about NOC is that interacts with a managed service provider, while a help desk can interact with the end-user. The advantage of working with our Los Angeles network support is that we have a fully available help desk to respond to all arising issues. We can answer frontline matters from your NOC because we monitor both user experience and the infrastructure network.