Facebook Advertising

As a local business, you must take advantage of social media to reach and engage with consumers before they search. And with our Facebook advertising service, you can put your business message or compelling offer in front of a lot of interested prospects who are ready to take action.
Leave the hard work up to us – and watch your business grow.

Get More from Facebook

Our software is a powerful, comprehensive Facebook advertising service that cost-effectively builds your brand, drives measurable results, and meets your unique business goals. Whether you want more local leads, Facebook engagement, or brand awareness, we choose the right marketing program and audience targeting tactics for your goals and budget. With the right strategy in place, your Facebook-certified marketing expert creates compelling ads, manages your campaign, and optimizes your ad creative so you get more audience engagement and activity for your budget.

Better Brand Visibility

With over 1 billion active users worldwide — and many spending an hour or more a day on the site1 — the Facebook News Feed is prime online real estate for any business. With Facebook ads, you can reach the right audience on the right platform.

New, Engaged Prospects

Over 30% of Facebook users say they engage with ads they see in their desktop or mobile News Feed by liking the ads, leaving a comment, or sharing them with their network. This activity exposes your brand message to more people than ever before – without the extra cost.

Trackable Traffic & Leads

Generating leads like calls, online form fills, and in-store visits is instrumental to growing your business. And Facebook can deliver, with plenty of advertising programs dedicated to getting more people to your business and tracking the results.

You focus on your business, while our

experts focus on your Facebook ads


Full-Service Facebook Advertising

We work with you to build a complete Facebook advertising program that works with your budget and business goals. We develop every part of your campaign, manage it over time, and track and report your results, like engagements, visits, calls, and form submissions - so you know exactly what your ads are getting you.


Customized Targeting & Creative

Your custom Facebook advertising campaign reaches only the most interested consumers by targeting users based on factors like their location, demographics, interests, and recent online behaviors (like a recent website visit). By showing the right users authentic ads with compelling calls to action, and optimizing them for results, you can reach your business goals quickly and cost-effectively.


Facebook-Certified Experts

Your Facebook marketing expert focuses on getting you optimal results. Our Certified Facebook Professionals meet the rigorous standards of Facebook’s Blueprint Certification, giving them the knowledge and power to plan, build, and manage a successful campaign.

Grow Marketing ROI

Get more leads with unique programs that drive website visits and leads delivered directly to your inbox. Get a taste of our most popular Facebook advertising programs and unique capabilities.

Unmatched Expertise

Rely on our team of experts certified in Facebook’s Blueprint program who monitor your campaign daily and make ongoing adjustments to improve performance.

A Personalized Plan

Get a tailored Facebook advertising strategy that meets your business objectives and works with your existing marketing efforts to grow your business.

Superior Audience Targeting

Pinpoint the right Facebook users based on location, demographics, interests, online behaviors -- and even reach specific users like website visitors or email contacts.

Location, Location, Location

Engage your audience when they’re using Facebook on their computers and mobile devices, and expand your reach to Instagram and the Facebook Audience Network.

Website Clicks

Entice more visits to your website with custom CTAs designed to increase conversions like online appointments, new sign ups, completed applications, and more from targeted users.

Lead Ads

Simplify lead generation with in-ad forms that make it easy for the right prospects to contact you. We offer the only program that sends your new leads right to your inbox or software.

Retargeting & Custom Audiences

Increase engagement with previous site visitors and existing client lists, and reach new “lookalike” audiences who have similarities to your ideal customers.

Instagram Ads

Meet your website clicks, lead ads, and retargeting objectives on Instagram, too! With over 800 million monthly active users,4 it’s a great addition to your social advertising mix.

Need More?

Our team can create a custom-tailored plan that enables you to take advantage of broad audience targeting capabilities, emerging ad formats, and wide ad distribution to meet your specific goals.

More Digital Advertising Options

Get more leads and build your brand by advertising to local consumers as they use search engines, surf top sites on the web, and spend time on social media sites. From search engine to display to social media advertising, our digital marketing solutions get you real results.

Our search engine advertising service puts your ads on top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, along with dozens of local directories, so you reach more searchers than ever before. We've teamed up with a Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner and a Bing Elite Partner, we create high-quality campaigns that work for you. Our digital marketing experts and industry leading technology work together to optimize your campaign and bring you more customers.

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Not every consumer is ready to buy when they visit your website, so you need a way to stay in front of them. Our retargeting puts your display ads in front of consumers who visited your website, as well as those with characteristics, behaviors, and online activities similar to your target customer. By expanding your reach with search retargeting and lookalike options, you can reach the right consumers and build your brand on today’s top sites and mobile apps.

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Promoting your brand online is just as important as promoting it offline. This helps you build awareness for your business on popular entertainment, news, sports, and specialty sites, including Facebook. We also offer creative banner ad design and audience targeting options for all business needs and budgets, so you reach the right audience with the right message to grow your brand awareness online.

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Reach mobile consumers based on their proximity to your business, your competitor’s business, or an event or related location. With a GeoFence, you have control over just which local consumers you target with your mobile ads – and reach them in over 90% of the places they spend their digital time. Plus, with innovative conversion zones you can attribute in-person visits back to your advertising.

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The Mobile App gives you confidence in the results of your advertising, like the Search, Display, and Retargeting. The mobile app provides you with an overview of your campaign performance, insight into your new leads like calls, form fills, and chats, and the ability to quickly respond to your leads right from the app.

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Get connected to customers who have shown interest in the products or services you offer. Targeted Email Marketing through us enables your business to reach thousands of consumers who are likely to be interested in your products or services. These emails are custom-developed and designed to increase brand awareness, website traffic or promote a specific offer or sales event.

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Video is the most engaging and sought after form of content by online audiences today. Embrace the video advertising trend and grow your local brand awareness and brand affinity with video YouTube Advertising from Chewie Media.

Unsure where to begin?

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