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June 2018

Last week, we touched on Testimonials, and how these amazing pieces of content can build trust with your customer about a topic that you can’t explain yourself – that you’re better at what you do.

Now I am going to continue on with something else that builds trust with your audience and helps convert that trust into eventual sales.

In fact, this piece of content is so powerful, over 80% of businesses have now decided that it is important to their future strategy. 

This piece of content is so important, Google is 53 times more likely to land your website on the front page if you have on of these.  This piece of content is so influential, it converts 70% more people into purchasers and subscribers.
This piece of content is Video, and you need it on your website.

You know you’ve been in the industry a while when an entire topic comes full circle, and this one certainly has.  Video.  It used to be the death kiss of amateur web designers and frustrating website experiences.  They would load, or pop up, or the sound would blare, and people would leave the page.  It was incredible, almost the exact same metrics were true, but in the inverse.  Audiences were more likely to leave your site, less likely to convert, and it was almost never part of a business’ marketing plans.  So, what changed?  For one, loading times lowered significantly.  Number two, mobile visitors became more prevalent, and three, the market shifted in how audiences consume content.  Video is now a primary delivery system for content and information on the internet, and people accept it, and in a lot of cases, seek it out.

This year we’re excited about video – I hope you are too!

So how can you leverage video content on your website?  First, make sure it doesn’t just autoplay, especially on a page that might act as a page people head back to multiple times… if you have the same video autoplay on all your product pages, you might frustrate your customer into leaving.  Second, make sure video content is accompanied by some sort of textual explanation – some people can’t watch your video at the moment, so including the highlights in text for others is am important courtesy.  Third, make sure your videos are easily digestible.  Nobody needs a 1-hour video on each of your services – keep it around 3 minutes if possible.  Some content warrants longer run-times obviously, so if it needs to be 5 minutes, don’t go sweating it.  This year we’re excited about video – I hope you are too!



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