2017 Christmas Hampers

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December 2017

This year, very last minute, we decided that we were going to sponsor a family for Christmas this year. I figured that while we were shopping for our family, which we are so fortunate to be able to do, I’d pick up doubles of most things and help someone else as well as us.

For whatever reason, I was compelled to put it on Facebook. I thought that there was someone that may want to help.
The response was overwhelming. People both online and those in our personal lives were eager to reach out. We are thrilled to surround ourselves with such caring people.

Not only were we able to sponsor TEN families for Christmas dinner this year, we were also able to donate gift cards, gas cards and toys to children in need.

A HUGE thank you to our donors this year:



We would not have been able to reach the amount of people that we did without these generous donations. It was truly humbling and heartwarming to be able to do this for families.

I just wanted to give you another big thank you for giving us our Christmas dinner, it was delicious and I have paid it forward to our neighbour with a big delicious plate of turkey dinner as well. So from our house, with full bellies that was blessed by your generosity, thank you again.

Are you able to donate for next year?

With your donations, we can help even more families! We have some big plans that we will be putting into work throughout the year, and will keep in touch with donors to let them know of the plans. Alternatively, if you know of a family in need for the 2018 holiday season, please don't hesitate to reach out. We will contact the recipients of the dinner in December 2018.

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