There Has To Be A Reason Behind What We Do

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December 2017

There Has To Be A Reason Behind What We Do





The holidays are now upon us (or in some instances in full swing). During this time of reflection, thankfulness, and celebration, I wanted to speak on a topic that has been permeating through everything that we have been doing the last few months.

Growing up, we wanted to be something extraordinary. We wanted to be bold, purposeful, and heroic. Our heroes fought for what was right, took awe-inspiring risks, and never left anything on the table. We were children of the 80’s and 90’s; everything we consumed seemed to be full of natural and manufactured “defining moments” which made our heroes who they were. It was also the age of David and Goliath - the decades of the underdog; it wasn’t enough that we could do something amazing, but that we could do something amazing that could rival the big guys. Our world as a youth was filled with daring men and women who decided they could disrupt the status quo from their garage – developing technology and changing the way we interact with the world without the funding of a multi-million-dollar company. Your sweat equity mattered, and all that separated you from being extraordinary was your brain, and your willingness to work. We had dreams and goals to become extraordinary like our heroes, and as the years stretched on, that purpose didn’t change, it just adapted.

We’ll be the first to admit, there are a lot of companies out there that build and design websites. There are a lot of website companies that offer SEO, and a good portion of them also offer hosting and branding too. What we do has a lot of competition because there are a lot of people that need these services – our target market is nearly infinite and so our competition reflects that. The key for us, when we started this company after working at other agencies, was ultimately the reason why we wanted to start our own company. Our reason, and the terminology has changed over the years as we define it better, is that we desired to be extraordinary. Something was there, still, from when we were kids – we wanted to be bold, to leave nothing on the table, and to be underdogs.

We decided that we didn’t want to build websites. We decided that we wanted to help people.

Now, we still end up building websites in our day to day, don’t get me wrong. But we don’t approach it from a “fit a website to a potential client” approach – we try and create websites that solve the problems of our clients. Human problems. Problems to do with not having enough time to post on Facebook, write body copy, or gather leads. Problems with trying to figure out the best direction to take a piece of advertising, or just having no idea if and when a company should dive into SEM. What’s a good call to action strategy, and is a mailing list right for your business. Business operators have a wide range of problems they face every day, and we want to be a part of that solution. We tailor everything about our company to be centered around the client, from our low-investment website plans, to our inclusion of everything including the kitchen sink. We do this because we have that underdog mentality and we want to help our clients take on their goliaths. They may not have their competition’s budgets, or their manpower; but in that instance, we get to imagine ourselves as if we are looking through the eyes of our younger selves, leaving nothing on the table and striving to be extraordinary for our clients.

We realized this core fact about ourselves while we were going through our re-brand. We want to be awesome, we want our clients to think that we’re awesome, and we want to elevate what people expect from a company that provides ongoing website services. We’re excited to come into work every day now, because we know what we want.

It’s the same thing we have wanted since we were 8 years old, and that’s pretty amazing. In fact, it’s pretty extraordinary if you ask me.

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Jeremy Kasdorf

Jeremy Kasdorf

Owner and Lead Developer

Jeremy Kasdorf created this company with the idea of helping small businesses grow with the help of their strong, impactful online presence. With a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Design, Jeremy is able to turn dreams into a beautiful vision of reality. He is able to translate that into developing meaningful user experiences on websites that save time, increase productivity and expand the reach of his clients. Through websites, SEO, SEM, and hosting, Jeremy is able to offer his clients a full range of solutions.




About the Author

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Jeremy Kasdorf

Jeremy Kasdorf

Business Operations

Hello! I am the owner and operator of Chewie Media Inc. It is a digital marketing and design agency based out of Chilliwack, British Columbia and Brooks, Alberta. My passion is to help small businesses use the internet in ways that help them thrive. I am a full-stack website developer and designer by trade and have a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Arts to show for my four jam-packed years at SFU Surrey. I would have to say that I enjoy being an entrepreneur, almost as much as I enjoy designing and building unique websites for companies. Having the freedom to tackle problems and find solutions correctly is an amazing feeling and getting great feedback from those clients makes it all that much sweeter. When I am not digging through lines of code or aligning pixels in the perfect order, I am chasing after my two children, playing board games, or tinkering with the latest technology that crosses my desk.

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