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November, 2017


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You may have noticed that we look a little different than we did before. We have a new logo, redesigned site, fresh new branding, and even more services. During our rebrand, we really had to think about who we are, and why we do what we do.

We've found that our company is about growth for small businesses. We're in the industry of creating online experiences that provide a solid foundation for your business to reach its' next set of goals - and we love helping take you there.
Ultimately, what we get out of this industry is what we put into it. In saying that, we wanted to make sure we gave it our all. That's why we've taken a look at ourselves and thought about how we can better serve you!

So, what changes have we made?

Server upgrades: How will it affect you?

Chewie Media has upgraded the infrastructure that your website exists on, and it’s been amazing! You can expect, or may have already noticed, an increase in speed when loading your website. Beyond this, support for the newest technology also means more stability and reliability than ever before. An upgraded server also means an upgraded way in which we serve email. These are just some of the reasons we are really excited to announce this upgrade before the new year.

Chewie Tip:

Most people change their SEO strategy right before it gains traction. Patience can be the difference between getting on the front page, and never giving it enough time to reach that goal.

Fresh new branding: Why it matters.

Chewie Media has a new look, and we’re excited about it! As everybody knows, how a brand is perceived is important – we preach this every day. Earlier this year, we decided to put our money where our mouth is and went through a rebranding journey. The result is a new look that reflects our values more – Integrity, Hard Work, and Transparency. We’ve received amazing feedback from the results of this journey, further cementing what we already know – your brand is important.

Referral Bonus: As a thank you, from us.

We love referrals. Who doesn't? We've built strong, lasting relationships with our customers and their referrals. We care, and want to make sure that your referral goes a long way.

When your friend signs up for any of our website or SEO services, they get 25% off their first month, and you get $25 as a thank you from us!

Do you know someone that would benefit? Click here to fill out some info!

New services: How you can benefit.

We have new services to announce! We rigorously test all of our new services so that they meet the same standard we set for all of what we offer you. Because of this, when we do have something new to offer, we truly believe that it is something that can enhance your business – today. Our newest services are our advanced keywords for SEO, and our enhanced email services.

Advanced Keywords

Advanced keyword phrases are our answer to clients looking to rank higher on Google but without the infrastructure and budget for Adwords campaigns. We choose which phrases and locations you want to be found with when people search for you in Bing, Yahoo!, and Google, and then make it a reality.

Soon, we will have more exciting options with regards to campaign management and geo-fencing!

E-mail Services

Email is always daunting for growing businesses. You start off using G-mail, which works for a while, until you want your email to read something other than [email protected] When you decide to make the switch [email protected], it quickly becomes confusing about where your emails are going, how it gets set up, and how you get them connected to your favourite device.

Our new email takes away those concerns – easy to set up, fast speeds, and a newly upgraded Webmail interface are at the center of the new service. And, for 10 dollars a month, those email boxes can be upgraded to a genuine Microsoft Exchange mailbox.

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