We’ve done amazing work creating awareness for women in business and young women heading into careers and positions which are traditionally held in majority by men. Women are heading into technology, engineering, and sciences at an increased rate, and we are seeing women even attain the highest levels within the largest companies.

With that being said, we are still far away from where we should be, and it starts with the little things. We need start showing our children that women accomplish just as much as men. They should hear that they don’t need to choose between children and career. If they desire it, they can raise a family and accomplish their life’s goals.

It should be understood that you can reach for higher positions and more responsibility and still plan for a family; they are not mutually exclusive. We all start out with the same capacity to learn, grow, and impact the world around us – it is the actions taken around us that diminish it, the attitudes by others that minimize our role. Our next generation is going to accomplish even greater things than our current one – we’re already tearing down walls, and ripping up stereotypes – but our next generation will be shaped and molded with the ideals we are striving to promote from the very start.

That is why awareness and action is so important:

the sky’s the limit for our daughters, if we only just clear the way for them.

That’s what I’m trying to show our little daughter here at home – that mommy can be eight months pregnant, a strong role-model inside the home, and a fair and positive member of our business community. Not only do I want to show her that women can help build businesses up, but we are can build each other up as well.