Why you need a website even if you think you don’t

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March 2013

Alright, let’s put aside for a second that a multimedia company is posting a blog entry about why you need a website.  No matter who says it, the statement is true despite how hard we try and avoid it.  Hopefully knowing this will help make the next set of decisions easier, as this is the true purpose of our blog: to make things easier.

This scenario usually plays out in most conversations we have when someone inquires about what we can do.

“Oh, but I’m just a small business; I run one location and I have a list of existing clients already.  I’ve been operating this way for 20 years, so why would I need a website when everything has been going fine?”

Money and opportunity on the table

The answer is that you are leaving money and opportunity on the table, while not coming across as credible to new and younger clients.

The newer generations of clients are more likely to ignore your business if you do not have a good web presence

The newer generations are more likely to check your website than phone you to find out when you are open, closed, and what you stock.  In fact, the newer generations of clients are more likely to ignore your business if you do not have a good web presence, let alone any web presence at all.

This issue also expands to the current generation more and more every day.  As more of your competitors enter the online space, potential suppliers and business partners will look to your website as a method to determine what doing work with your company is “worth” to them.  Stacking you up against four or five other businesses clamoring for the same relationship will not be in your best interest if they have established and appealing websites to go along with their proposals, while you do not.

Forging relationships

A website has approximately five seconds to make a first impression.  That first impression will enhance, detract, or not affect their opinion on you and your business.

Ok, so that sounds like marketing 101, but every day we see companies and people scratch their heads as to why another proposal is accepted, an exclusive distribution deal falls through, or potential clients react negatively during negotiations.

Give them something to talk about

While having a website is more of a requirement than ever before, it doesn’t mean that it should be treated as just a requirement to do business.  A website that wows people who are visiting can leave an excellent impression of you and your company, and can even create positive word of mouth among people who found your website noteworthy.  Well-designed websites can also make their rounds among many different website design awards sites which can further drive traffic towards you and your business.




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