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February 2011

It’s official!  Chewie Media has officially opened it’s doors.

Welcome to the home of Chewie Media Inc, an online development firm looking to combine hard work, a keen eye for detail, and a love of the unconventional to deliver unique solutions to clients. Founded by Jeremy Kasdorf, Director of the Web Services department at Cylensis Data Solutions for over five years and an active participant in the web development sector for over a decade, Jeremy is eager to position Chewie Media as a go-to resource for all of your business’ design and development needs.

Chewie’s focus can be found also outside of media, as we perform software development tasks as well.  A primary service of ours is Bid Intent, an online bid-tender and document sharing service which has been created to make it easier for general contractors to streamline the bid-tender process, cut down on printing costs and the time associated with that, and connect with more vendors than they would normally be able to.

As many people can tell from looking at our site, there are already some exciting things happening very quickly for Chewie Media and I will be looking to discuss some of them as they develop.




About the Author

We’re Passionate About Our Business and What We Do

Jeremy Kasdorf

Jeremy Kasdorf

Business Operations

Hello! I am the owner and operator of Chewie Media Inc. It is a digital marketing and design agency based out of Chilliwack, British Columbia and Brooks, Alberta. My passion is to help small businesses use the internet in ways that help them thrive. I am a full-stack website developer and designer by trade and have a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Arts to show for my four jam-packed years at SFU Surrey. I would have to say that I enjoy being an entrepreneur, almost as much as I enjoy designing and building unique websites for companies. Having the freedom to tackle problems and find solutions correctly is an amazing feeling and getting great feedback from those clients makes it all that much sweeter. When I am not digging through lines of code or aligning pixels in the perfect order, I am chasing after my two children, playing board games, or tinkering with the latest technology that crosses my desk.

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