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Website Hosting, Security, and Performance In Chilliwack, BC and Brooks, Alberta.

So you have your new website and are ready to show it off to the world. The only question now is how do you do that? You need website hosting; a location for the website to stay on the internet so that it can be seen. The problem is that not all hosts are created equal, and even then not all hosts are even easy to use or manage. It’s not enough to simply be a fast host anymore, you have to make sure that a host is reliable and accessible; what good is that fast host if you can’t get in touch with them when things go astray.

We Add Performance To Your Site

We Support You and Your Website

Hosting isn’t all about reliability – it is also about speed. Websites built today have much more overhead than their predecessors from five years ago. The resources required to make one run is significantly higher. Chewie Media ensures that your website has those resources. On top of this, we offer setup of different caching solutions to make your site even faster, and more secure in the process.

Every website is different, and some of them place more of a load on your hosting and the computers that view them. Chewie Media can enact different caching methods to provide amazing speed boosts to your site, and an overall better experience to your users.

Your website deserves security. Your website deserves stability. Once you make your site live, it’s capable of coming under attack from any number of sources, many of which are trying to slow down your site. Chewie Media protects your site through a series of ongoing malware removal processes, virus scans, and email filtering. This makes sure that your site is online and in it’s best shape ever.

Managed Hosting For Your Website

What Makes Chewie Media's Hosting Great

Chewie Media offers fully managed hosting for all of your websites. What does this mean? With regular hosting solutions, you place your website on a server and if something goes wrong it’s up to you (or somebody you hire) to fix the problem. Chewie Media takes control and fixes and problems you may be having, regardless of where it may have come from – all as part of our monthly hosting plan.  We handle all of the hosting eco-system from top to bottom.

Added to this incredible managed hosting system that takes all of the worries off of you, the website owner, we also pride ourselves with a remarkable response time for our service as well as servers that are bulletproof.  And, in the highly unlikely event that we need to perform any maintenance to our servers, we make sure that it is as far away from peak operating hours as humanly possible.

Our Managed Hosting Features

All Chewie Media Hosting Packages Include

Managed Hosting

All of Chewie Media’s website plans include fully managed hosting. You never have to worry about the technology that is keeping your website online and you never have to wait for a response again.


Bulletproof Servers

With Chewie Media’s hosting technologies, me make sure that your website loads quickly and error-free. And if we see room for improvement, we will help you implement it. Rest easy knowing that your site is being hosting on a solution that is for whatever the internet can throw it’s way.

Monthly Security Updates

It’s important to keep your website secure and up to date at all times – a website that is not up to date security-wise poses a risk to the website, the hosting company, and all of those viewing the site.


SSL Certificate

Google is starting to give priority listing to websites with SSL certificates, ensuring that the most viewed websites will be absent of malicious code and secure for all viewers. This vital security measure usually costs around $130/year; however, we include a complementary SSL certificate for your site as part of our Redwood website package.

Reliability and Accountability

Feel secure in the fact that your website will not go down. And if there does happen to be a problem, know that we are working around the clock for you. If you have a question or issue, we are here via email or phone to help you – we will not rest until your issue or question is resolved.