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Nothing worth doing… or Mistakes business owners make with their website and how it may be costing you money

We all know the sayings.  Time is money, nothing worth doing is easy, let the experts be the experts.  As a business owner, you may have romanticized about the idea of spending all of your time doing what you love.  Spending coffee-filled mornings on the laptop answering emails.  The truth is that there is very little time for coffee or emails; you must wear many different hats in a day, especially when you are running a small business – and unfortunately, none of these hats can be silly.  You are your own marketing, accountant, PR, secretary, account manager, project manager, etc.  This leaves very little time to actually do the thing that got you into starting your own business in the first place!  As business owners, we become obsessed with the need to do everything ourselves, to be able to wear all of those hats proudly and with confidence.  We strive to save money and do a great job all at the same time.

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To the Moon and Back: Accepting Dogecoin and other Crypto Currencies on your E-Commerce Website.

So confusion, such community, much… moon?  If you’ve been paying attention to online technologies, have a family member or friend who does, or are beginning to investigate the world of online stores in general, chances are you have heard of Bitcoin.  And maybe Litecoin.  But there’s another one that you should hear about if you haven’t already.  An accessible, fun, and not so serious cryptocurrency that is driven by an equally accessible, fun, and not so serious community.  This currency has been labelled as “dead” to “next big thing” and everywhere in between.

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