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Expectations VS Reality – The “Client’s Dog” rule and giving your website a chance

We develop and design websites every day that we are excited about.  This isn’t fan-service or corporate speak for “we take your project seriously, so hire us.”  This is the truth.  Sure, we work on projects that have parts of the project that we aren’t crazy about.  I’ll admit that too.  Sometimes a design or development requirement occurs that makes our concern level rise about the project.  The joke in the website design industry and around the office which I will now refer to as the “Client’s Dog” rule is that every client wants something on their design that can be seen as inappropriate or out of place for the design.  Sometimes this is a mascot.  Sometimes it is the owner.  Sometimes this is a picture of the owner’s boat, favorite sport’s team, or other interest.

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Welcome to Chewie Media

It’s official!  Chewie Media has officially opened it’s doors.

Welcome to the home of Chewie Media Inc, an online development firm looking to combine hard work, a keen eye for detail, and a love of the unconventional to deliver unique solutions to clients. Founded by Jeremy Kasdorf, Director of the Web Services department at Cylensis Data Solutions for over five years and an active participant in the web development sector for over a decade, Jeremy is eager to position Chewie Media as a go-to resource for all of your business’ design and development needs.

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