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It’s time to take your website on a date.

Let’s set the scene.  What’s the most important thing on a date?  To make a good first impression.  First impressions will affect how you interact with that person for the rest of the date, and will affect what you think about them until they do something to make you think differently, or until the date ends.

It’s not just about dates

So why am I talking about dates?

Because people every day are dating your website; your most important marketing tool.  Every person to walk through your virtual doors is taking your website on a date.

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You’re guilty of it, and we’re guilty of it.

Look at it sitting there… left out there in the cold with no one to pay attention to it; forgotten about.  It looks like it hasn’t been updated for months.

That poor, poor, website news feed.

You know you’ve heard it many times before, and we’ve been saying it to our clients, but it’s important to update your website to let others know what you’ve been doing as a company.  We’ve all been to a site with a news feed that has had the last update dated from last year and wondered if the site is still alive.

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Welcome to Chewie Media

It’s official!  Chewie Media has officially opened it’s doors.

Welcome to the home of Chewie Media Inc, an online development firm looking to combine hard work, a keen eye for detail, and a love of the unconventional to deliver unique solutions to clients. Founded by Jeremy Kasdorf, Director of the Web Services department at Cylensis Data Solutions for over five years and an active participant in the web development sector for over a decade, Jeremy is eager to position Chewie Media as a go-to resource for all of your business’ design and development needs.

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