WesternOne Rentals & Sales has had nothing but positive things to say about their new website.  Have launched the website in July of 2011, WesternOne has received praise for the ease of use as well as the way the design seamlessly fits in with their current branding strategy.  WesternOne Rentals & Sales is a Canadian company specializing in renting and selling high quality light and heavy construction and aerial lift equipment.  WesternOne has over 12 locations currently and serves western Canada.

WesternOne’s primary concern was the ease of updating the website themselves.  After going through a significant amount of difficulty updating their existing website using a more proprietary form of CMS, WesternOne was looking for another CMS with fewer restrictions which could be accessible to a wider range of people once it was set up.  Chewie Media saw an opportunity to alleviate some of these short-comings by developing as many chances for dynamic changes and content as possible, giving WesternOne more freedom than they had hoped for.

The second priority was for the website to direct traffic in an effective and expedited way towards their contact form and catalog of rental equipment.  Using a mixture of call-to-action items and user-centered design, as well as working hand in hand with a search engine optimization firm, Chewie Media was able to accomplish this goal, and WesternOne is currently enjoying increased sales from their online presence.

The third major priority for WesternOne was the need for the site to fit with their current branding initiatives.  With their current print and graphical media looking a certain way, their desire was for a website that fit seamlessly with these items, strengthening their branding message and not diluting it.  Feedback so far has indicated this was a resounding success.

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