Tourmasters Travel is excited about their new website. This vibrant mix of big and bold images with well laid-out information gives Tourmasters a look and feel they were hoping to achieve with her online presence.

Tourmasters Travel is a travel package booking agency out of Richmond, British Columbia. They offer a wide range of packages, plans, and offers to clients on a daily and weekly basis. Their goal was to provide a website that was visually appealing with a lot of information, yet simple to navigate.

Tourmasters’ primary focus was on the ability to easily update their website offers. With their agency, sometimes the featured offers displayed on their site can change multiple times a day. They wanted something that was easy to update and navigate on the admin side of the site, while still maintaining a visually attractive layout that comes with a web designer creating pages directly. Chewie Media created a layout with numerous options to accommodate the changing nature of these offers. Based on the offer at the time, the page layout changes or removes certain information fields that are either more or less important. Combined with this, a streamline back-end means that Tourmasters can update their content in less than a minute per item without the need to call anybody.

The second goal for Tourmasters was to integrate their multiple APIs into one site in a way that did not look like it was doing just that. Integrating APIs which require a very limiting set of conditions was viewed as a challenge, but Chewie Media was able to integrate them in a way that was as seamless as possible, and in a way that Tourmasters was thrilled about..

Tourmasters is currently very happy with their site, it provides a great digital space for their travel business, and reinforces the brand they worked hard to establish. It is capable of expanding with their business – meeting every need for the present as well as future.

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