Sageberry Creek & Co. is loving their new website. This rustic-inspired website uses realism design principles to showcase Sageberry Creek & Co’s unique style and range of products. As a company looking to sell their items online with an e-commerce site, Sageberry Creek had a very specific list of needs and requests.

Sageberry Creek & Co is a home decor manufacting and design company based out of Brooks, Alberta. They offer a wide range of custom made items for a wide range of uses, from weddings and newborn all the way to garden and yard decor. They are a fairly new business established in 2014, and are growing rapidly as demand for their amazing items increases and word spreads about their company. Sageberry Creek was looking to build a website and brand reflecting the unique mix of rustic sensibilities and strong design principles that makes customers choose their products above the rest.

Sageberry Creek’s primary focus was on their website design. After going through previous website designs, Sageberry Creek was always unhappy with how the design of the site did not showcase the actual wood used in their pieces, as well as convey the rustic yet clean approach they take with every item. Chewie Media immediately came up with a plan and ran with it, using textures they captured from the actual pieces made by Sageberry Creek and sold every day. Using the wood so literally in the design was such a joy for Sageberry Creek to see, and frames the each session a user spends with the site.

A second concern was the need to funnel users through to either contact them or to view each piece. Custom challenges to the user to act on helped ensure the majority of site visits ended up viewing at least one product.

The third concern was the logo and branding material. Custom banners and graphic work was high on the list of needs, with Chewie Media creating everything custom made for this site. This made sure that Sageberry Creek’s website would be different from all other sites. On top of this, the new logo produced for them fell perfectly in line with their desired brand message.

Sageberry Creek & Co. is currently enjoying their site, it provides a great digital front to their company, reinforces their brand, and is capable of expanding with their company – meeting every need for the present as well as future.

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