Direct RV required multiple shareholders to sign off on the logo and marketing materials.  As a new company, their existing brand was non-existant, and so all decisions would be fresh, but there were already requirements in place by the key decision makers.

The logo had to be something that would work with or without the accompanying text, should be easy recognizable when driving by, and should be easily modified for mono-color usage.

For their brochure and business card, the desire was to use mountains for the Rocky Mountains in all of their branding.  Since this was to be the central theme of all of the marketing materials, the logo was further designed to use this same central theme, and allow for the actual shape to be replicated along all marketing materials without being too literal with the mountain theme and imagery.

The branding package is currently being enjoyed by Direct RV, and is making them quickly becoming an identifiable fixture in the mobile RV service industry.

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