The Concrete Philosopher is happy about their new website. With attractive service pages and descriptions as well as strong call-to-action areas that showcase their core competencies; The Concrete Philosopher is enjoying over 1000% more visits per month over their previous site and a better more pleasing experience once viewing the site.

The Concrete Philosopher is a Concrete forming and repair company based out of The Lower Mainland in British Columbia. They offer a wide range of concrete services. They have built and repaired the infrastructure for some of the most well known buildings in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Regional District. The Concrete Philosopher has been in business for over 20 years, and were looking to build a website reflecting some of the qualities about their business that they are proud of, while demonstrating some of the services they offer that makes them stand out above the crowd.

The Concrete Philosopher’s primary concern was the showcasing of their services. After going through numerous proposals, CMC Photography was always unhappy with how their services were being showcased. The Concrete Philosopher wanted to make calls to action and multiple service pages with updatable content a top priority. Chewie Media took on the challenge and produced an expandable services area for The Concrete Philosopher. This area, combined with their call to action spaces, has made their website already pay off for them.

A second concern was the need to increase their traffic organically. In an industry such as theirs, traffic is important for securing new contracts. Chewie Media developed their site and increased their traffic by over 1000% Yes, that’s right, the extra zero is not a typo!

The Concrete Philosopher is currently enjoying their site, it provides a great digital front to their company, and helps secure them new interest.

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