Conair Group Inc. is a Canadian specialty aircraft operations provider, offering both products related to aerial firefighting as well as actual aerial firefighting services.  It currently boasts a fleet of over 50 aircraft and is situated out of Abbotsford, British Columbia, with a subsidiary based in Marseille International Airport in Marignane, Southern France.  Conair has just passed it’s 40th anniversary and because of this was seeking a refresh for their website.

Conair’s primary concern was the ease of updating the website themselves.  After going through a gradual slowdown and eventual halt to updating their earlier website due to the prohibitive nature in which updates could be performed, the people at Conair expressed their desire to be able to perform frequent, small updates to their website and as such saw this as a need to not rely on a website developer to make any updates themselves.  Website design and implementation therefore were executed with tis requirement in mind, ensuring that the opportunities for updating the site were as many as possible with scripts running to automatically perform tasks such as image resizing, html markup, and menu updates.

Second to this concern was the desire to have their planes located in a Gallery, but to have this gallery permeate throughout the site and not just be confined to the one gallery page.  The solution that was eventually presented to them was a method of displaying random preview images on each page that were pulled from the collection of images in the actual gallery.

Conair has made the site live as of December 2010, and is currently enjoying their updated and clean website look as well as the ease that upates are able to be performed at.


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