CMC Photography is ecstatic about their new website.  With an ever-growing portfolio and large, colorful images that showcase their core competency; CMC Photography is glad to be able to provide an experience fitting for their creative photography skills.

CMC Photography is a photography company based out of The Fraser Valley in British Columbia.  They offer a wide range of photography options.  They have photographed in a wide range of locations including weddings, residential, and outdoor shoots.  CMC Photography has been in business for a few years, and were looking to build a website reflecting some of the qualities about their business that they are proud of, while demonstrating some of their “out of the box” skills that make them unique.

CMC Photography’s primary concern was the ease of updating the website themselves.  After going through numerous proposals, CMC Photography was always unhappy with the need for having website developers to update even the smallest of items.  CMC Photography wanted to make updatability a priority while still having a website built with a design that would all but require a website developer to update things.  Chewie Media took to the challenge and produced a series of graphical user interface modules to update every aspect of the site without needing any development frameworks.  The CMS framework was loaded with scripts which sorted photographs by categories, themes, and even sizing.  The scripts also took care of complex tasks automatically such as image resizing, html markup, and menu updates.  On top of this, Chewie made sure to ensure the site could expand to accomodate a plethora of photos.

A second concern was the need to make their website look fresh and relevant.  In an industry such as theirs, a strong design is needed to help seperate one company from the other.  Using significantly more images and larger scale images, a design was established which helped showcase every aspect of their company.

A third feature CMC Photography was interested in was a scalable design.  Depending on the screen size, CMC Photography wanted the site to resize and act as a psuedo flipbook for their portfilio.  Chewie Media was able to develop a design that works on all device sizes.

CMC Photography is currently enjoying their site, which is easy to update and is SEO friendly; a perfect combination for a company that doesn’t want to spend a lot of time updating their site, but wants people to spend a lot of time looking at it.

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