The Boutique Network has been in the process of establishing itself as a web-based retail group.  Their first website is Allure Boutique, as they have been devising ways to develop a corporate home to showcase all of their sites in one central location.  The Boutique Network is amazed by their new website.  With a dynamic sites directory, flashy design and branding, and a slick look; The Boutique Network is glad to be able to provide an experience fitting for their branding and company goals. The Boutique Network is an online retail group based out of Canada. They offer a wide range of products and brands from the high-end spectrum of varrying industries and are looking to expand their offerings in the coming years. They have a plan to cater their classy user experience and high quality products globally, and are using Chewie Media to make this goal a reality.

The Boutique Network has not been in business for very long, and were looking to build a group of websites that set them apart from the rest of their varrying competitors. They wanted to offer a boutique buying expeirence, without all of the noise currently infesting other e-retail sites. The Boutique Network’s primary concern was to advertise the actual e-retail sites themselves.  With little experience working with web frameworks, The Boutique Network wanted to make updates and display large-scale branding images of their sites on a front page as well as in a nice-looking site directory.  Chewie Media was excited to meet this branding challenge and created a gameplan immediately. Creating a dynamic full-page front-page, and a CMS framework with scripts running to automatically perform tasks such as image resizing, html markup, and menu updates, Chewie Media accomplished this primary goal.  With this front-page, users would not need to scroll in order to see the various sites.  On top of this, Chewie made sure to create scripting that allowed for dynamic content within these custom design items.

A second concern was the need to make their website Sync content from all current and future Network Boutique websites.  Chewie Media was able to leverage advanced feed sync technologies to bring all content towards the main site, while still maintaining the content ecosystem on each website seperately.  This put into place will save hours of updates, and keep the Boutique Network website looking fresh with little time spent.  Thirdly, The Boutique Network needed new branding to go along with this new vision. Chewie Media provided a logo and colour scheme to fit their designs for a group of retail sites. Banner advertisements, menu clickables, and call to action pieces were also provided as part of this comprehensive Premium Website package. The Boutique Network had many concerns in the past about bringing all of their sites together under “one roof.”  By implementing the site in this way and with this framework, The Boutique Network will enjoy just that; and are excited to get their entire collection of sites online soon.

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