Bid Intent is an online document distribution and bid-tender service developed in house by Chewie Media.  I has just gone through a rebranding and visual refresh to reflect ease of use and accessibility to the development team by it’s end users.  Because of these reasons, Chewie Media was looking to develop an eye-catching and easily understood method for describing all of the features for it’s flagship product: Bid Intent.

Chewie Media’s primary concern was the ability to attract views from across a tradeshow space.  As this video was produced to be an attractor for the Bid Intent booth, the video had to be able to run on a look continuously without appearing to start/stop.  The video was made with a continous loop format in mind, and also the requirement to keep with the graphical style of the rest of Bid Intent and to maintain the branding message throughout the video.

The second major concern was the need to display text in a method that didn’t simulate a slideshow.  As there was a desire to move away from a slideshow format at the tradeshow, producing a video which ended up looking like a slideshow would undermine the feel that Chewie Media was trying to achieve.  The video also had to be simple enough that a view could glance for a few seconds and feel that they understand what is happening on screen.

Chewie Media used this video to promote Bid Intent at a trade show February 2011.

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