Bid Intent is an online document distribution and bid-tender service developed in house by Chewie Media.  I has just gone through a rebranding and visual refresh to reflect ease of use and accessibility to the development team by it’s end users.  Because of these reasons, Chewie Media was looking to develop a new website for it’s flagship product: Bid Intent

Chewie Media’s primary concern was the ability to connect with it’s end users using the site to provide feedback, notifications of updates and feature introductions, a place to communicate with end users, and also a means to provide vital marketing information for potential clients.  The design and development focused on making most aspects of the site modular and easy to update, and also providing streaming content from other locations such as twitter.  Dynamic content on the front of the page, both in the featured area as well as the product features box below, provided a way to serve more content in a smaller area on the screen, requiring less navigation by the user to find crucial information.

The second major concern was to allow end users of the service a place to provide feedback as well as communicate with other end users, possibly helping with questions as well as providing a more centralized area to gather product feedback.  The solution that was to develop a forum within the site, not relying on a second solution for this but to develop it within the website.

Chewie Media has made the site live as of February 2011, and is currently utilizing it in all aspects of Bid Intent’s operations.

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