Bert’s Small Engine is thrilled about their new website and online catalogue. With an expansive products gallery, enhanced graphics, and a strong yet familiar look; Bert’s is glad to be able to provide an experience fitting for their brand and company goals.

Bert’s Small Engine is an equipment rental company based out of the Brooks, Alberta area. They provide equipment from all of the major equipment manufacturers. Bert’s also offers snow removal, repair, and storage services to the Brooks area. They have a plan to display their different services with a clean user experience and high quality products gallery.

Bert’s primary concern was to make sure that their different services were on offer through their website. They wanted to provide a comprehensive online catalogue for their products, but they didn’t want to hide their other services away from prospective customers and clients. By bringing their services into the front page banner and also providing numerous links to their servives from multiple pages, Chewie Media made sure that their other services were not forgotten about amidst the hundreds of product pages they have on their site now.

Bert’s secondary goal was to display their flagship and popular products online, in a manner that provided the customer with quality information, and not just a space to see that the product is available. Chewie Media provided the informational space to provide this experience for Bert’s customers, and Bert is thrilled with the results.

Bert’s Small Engine provides multiple services and products under one roof. It is this unique combination that has made them a staple in the Brooks area. Chewie Media is happy to have made this combination translate seamlessly to their online space in a timely and successful manner.

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