The Artistry Boutique is a unique project created by Chewie Media. With a strong interest in the Arts community, Chewie Media felt the need to fill a void in the Arts and Culture space by providing a community website which serves the community as a whole.

Artistry Boutique is a global arts and culture e-commerce marketplace. It boasts an online profile for all users with portfolios, the ability to list art for sale by artists, and post advertisements to get commissioned by potential clients to create custom art pieces.

Artistry Boutique’s primary goal is for artists to be able to list their art for sale. Artistry Boutique is a complex social e-commerce marketplace, and as such the listing of art for sale is much more complex than first anticipated. It was Chewie Media’s goal from the beginning to make ease of updating the artists’ profiles and art pieces themselves a major focus – and to do so with artists having little to no experience working with website back-ends or user profiles in general. Accompanied with numerous optional fields, dynamic scripting rules in the backend, and a very flexible searching engine, Chewie Media believes that we have accomplished this goal and more.

Chewie wanted to make Artistry Boutique’s flexibility in listing art a priority while still allowing for some of the more customized design options that usually comes with a website that is more difficult to update. Chewie Media, excited by the challenge, created a gameplan immediately. Creating a dynamic design and implementing a CMS framework with scripts running to automatically perform tasks such as image resizing, html markup, art categorization, and dynamic menu updates, Chewie Media accomplished this priority, ultimately taking them one step closer to the primary goal of easily listing art for sale.

Then, Chewie made sure to create scripting that allowed for dynamic content within these custom design items. A second concern was the need to make their website which was capable of handling more than 100,000 pages of content and responding quickly when calling upon each of them. Chewie Media was able to leverage advanced caching technologies to limit the load on their server, saving them money and headaches in the process. Thirdly, Artistry Boutique was to have a checkout experience which meets security standards while still keeping all of the “action” on one page (a problem faced by some new e-retail sites). Listing art would not be an easy experience if the checkout portion of the site ended up failing every artist. Chewie Media lent on the technologies of Stripe and Paypal as integration options to further this goal.

Artistry Boutique also needed new branding to go along with this new vision. Chewie Media provided a logo and colour scheme to fit their designs for a large-scale online marketplace. Banner advertisements, menu clickables, and call to action pieces were also provided as part of this expansion on our Premium Website package.

Artistry Boutique has over 100 categories of art to contribute to the community, and that is growing daily. We had concerns in the past of fitting this massive vision on one site with an online forums, blogging infrastructure, map search, and e-commerce marketplace. By implementing the framework that we did, Artistry Boutique will enjoy all of these features and more in the future; and we are excited to see where this leads next.

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