Abby Locksmith is excited about their new website.  With an expansive product catalog, enhanced graphics, and a slick new look; this website looks to equip Abby Locksmiths with all that they need.

Abby Locksmith is a Locksmithing company based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia.  They offer a wide range of services and products relating to security.  They currently boast a catalog of some of the most bleeding-edge products and have trained technicians capable of installing them.  Abby Locksmith had finished celebrating over 25 years in the industry, and were looking to build a website reflecting some of the qualities about their business that they are proud of.

Abby Locksmith’s primary concern was the ease of updating the website themselves.  After going through a complete halt of updating their website due to the prohibitive nature in which updates could be performed, the owner of Abby Locksmith expressed a desire to take a more hands-on approach to their website.  He saw a need to not rely on a website developer to make small day-to-day websites, as well as wanting a way to change the framework to something more accessible and less proprietary.  Chewie Media leapt into action immediately creating a design and CMS framework with scripts running to automatically perform tasks such as image resizing, html markup, and menu updates.

A second concern was the need to make their website look fresh and relevant.  In an industry such as theirs, a strong design is needed to help seperate one company from the other.  Using significantly more images and varrying levels of typography, a design was established which helped showcase every aspect of their company.

A third feature Abby Locksmith was interested in was a searchable product catalog, with the ability for their clients to find any of the parts they offer via their website, or just through using a search engine such as google.  By implementing the product catalog in this framework, Abby Locksmith will enjoy just that; and are excited to get their entire catalog up on their site.

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