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Operation “Rebrand Chewie Media” is Underway!

Operation “Rebrand Chewie Media” is Underway!

Well, it’s been coming for awhile…  It’s time for a hefty dose of Self Reflection.

I feel it’s similar to what you hear about mechanics – their vehicles always have something to work on because they’ve spent so much time working on projects for other people.  This is what’s happened with us: we’ve been thrilled to be working with some amazing people to bring their websites to life, but haven’t updated our own in far too long.

We’ve always been proud of the work that we put out. With each new design comes back and forth to ensure it turns out the way that you want it to. With our own site, we have loved it! We truly have … but we haven’t had the same feedback that we would get from our clients, so we have taken it a bit for granted that it just … works.

Chewie Media has multiple team members that are very hands on with many aspects of the company, and each person has their own strengths that they bring to the table. This is great for collaboration, as we definitely have different styles with some things and it keeps us engaged with new design trends and best practices.

This is why we’ve turned to the help of Caitey Gilchrist Creative, and boy are we happy that we did. She’s saving us from our very own “Frankenbrand”!

(Photo Credit: Caitey Gilchrist Creative – Original Artwork of the “Frankenbrand”)

In the beginning, we asked her for a few pieces of advice … Caitey sent us a full questionnaire to see what our priorities are, and to learn about who we are (both as people and as a company), and ended up putting together a full 15 page Brand Audit for us. At first, I will admit, it was a bit overwhelming, but it was every bit as detailed as we needed it to be. It put a lot of things into perspective for us … the need to rebrand was staring us right in the face, and we took the leap… we put our trust in her to rebrand our company.

The first piece of Operation Rebrand Chewie Media was to have the logo redesigned. We realized that we like the cartoon image that we have been using, but it didn’t fit well with the existing logo. Though we wanted our Chewie dog, we were open to something completely different.

The Logo

Drumroll please…




We toyed around with a couple of revisions on this, but it didn’t take long at all to get to the final product that we couldn’t wait to plaster on every piece of branding that we have – it’s already on the Jeep!


If you’re in Brooks, Alberta and ever need any decaling done on your vehicle, we highly recommend Creepy Monkey Graphics – she was incredible!

Brochures and Proposals and Business Cards, oh my!

From there, there was no question that we wanted Caitey to complete our look. We became the typical clients that we have all encountered….. We knew what we wanted, and also had no idea what we wanted. It was great for her, I’m sure…

We all agreed on mountains, though.

It was important to us that our clients understood the heights they could climb to with their website, and the presence that it would create.


Thus stemmed our new slogan:
“Reach New Heights with Your Website”


Stay tuned for our new brochure design. We are really excited to be handing these out … and of course, with all of this, a NEW WEBSITE will be coming shortly too!!

Katie brings a keen mind for user-centered design, a well of knowledge for how things should work, and a no-nonsense attitude that aids everybody in getting things done. Now with a full head of steam, Katie is making sure that we always keep in mind our one singular vision – to contribute to and further the conversation of women in business, and empowering others to be successful.
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