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Chewie is excited to introduce the “360 Degree” branding plans!  When you asked for it, we listened again. This past year, the topic on everybody’s mind was how to make sure all of the materials being created for marketing fit with the most important piece of them all:  Your Website. Well we’ve gone and taken the question marks out of getting every item you might need to establish a successful brand by bundling everything (and the kitchen sink of course!) into one tidy monthly package.

We know that your business is forever changing, and the need to constantly have something new in the pipeline is important.  So why go through buying a new brochure design from somebody and hope it fits with your brand strategy?  Our branding plans start from the foundation-up and take all of the guesswork out of what will and won’t work when adding new pieces.  And every month, we produce more materials for you as you need them.  That means quicker and better looking designs for your business.

And if you have an existing brand strategy, Chewie Media analyzes all aspects of it before starting – thus ensuring that all of our work for you fits perfectly with your existing message, and then enhances it.  Add to this the Chewie guarantee and our desire to make sure everything is the best it can be, and it’s easy to see why people are loving our new branding plans!

Foothills Plan

$299 / month
  • 1 logo design
  • 1 business card design with up to 5 different names
  • Brand Board
  • Guidelines for use of colors and graphics
  • Monthly updates to existing materials (up to 3 hours a month)
  • 1 new branding item per month
  • Socially responsible design – 50 trees a month

Everest Plan

$699 / month
  • 1 logo design
  • 1 business card design with up to 5 different names
  • 1 brochure or pamphlet (bi-fold, tri-fold, etc)
  • 1 banner design
  • 1 car decal design
  • Copy writing for website and design items included (no need to write your own content)
  • Brand Board
  • Guidelines for use of colors and graphics
  • Monthly updates to existing materials (up to 7 hours a month)
  • 1 new branding item per month
  • Socially responsible design – 150 trees a month


Chewie is excited to announce that we will be offering our Branding plans at a significant discount to all of our new SEO and Website plan clients.  Your website is your most important branding piece, and so we want to make sure that it looks and feels the best it can – while attracting the most visitors possible.  We offer our same amazing service and dedication, but now with the added benefit of it being part of your complete branding strategy.

+ Pine Tree Website Plan

$129 / month
  • 1 Pine Tree Website Plan
  • 20% off above branding plans when bundled with this plan

+ Redwood Website Plan

$679 / month
  • 1 Redwood Website Plan
  • 20% off above branding plans when bundled with this plan

+ Launch SEO Plan

$129 / month
  • 1 Launch SEO Plan
  • 20% off above branding plans when bundled with this plan

+ Galaxy Website Plan

$699 / month
  • 1 Galaxy SEO Plan
  • 20% off above branding plans when bundled with this plan

We make your branding strategy
Your branding plants 50 trees a month
Those trees feed a community



Find Out How


Chewie Media’s 360 Degree branding plan feature a fresh take on your brand, a tried and true method for creating your branding strategy from the foundation-up, and constant content and design updates to keep your design materials fresh and current. These are just some of the features you get with each plan.

Brand Board

Chewie Media establishes a brand board for every branding initiative.  In this way, you can rest assured that all future works will be successful and cohesive.

User Centered Design

All of Chewie Media’s branding work is done with your clients and customers in mind.  We employ user-centered design practices to make sure that your brand is established properly and effectively.

360 Degree Service

Everybody at Chewie Media who works on your branding materials knows both the conceptual and the technical side of things.  That means no mix-ups at the printers, no difference between design and development of the website, and it means that we take responsibility for the technical execution of each and every item.

Brand Strategy

We establish a clear and concise road-map for your brand, one that informs all other aspects of your design – from logo to web to print.  With a clear strategy, will will accomplish amazing things together.

Unified Branding

We take that road-map and we apply it to all of our designs for you so that each piece looks like it is a continuation of the last.  In this way your message is strong, clear, and easy to understand.

Social Responsibility

We’re here to build great brands, help build businesses, and help build communities.  This is where we can make a difference.  For every brand that we curate, Chewie Media pledges to plant a minimum of 50 trees a month to help establish communities, reverse the negative effects of greenhouse gasses, and promote sustainable growth for years to come.


Chewie Media’s 360 Degree branding plan features the unique chance to keep receiving new branding materials every month. Below are some of the popular items Chewie Media creates as part of these plans. Chewie Media typically offers 3 revisions included, with extra revisions being possible on a per-hour basis.

Logo Design

Your logo is the corner stone of your brand, and Chewie Media knows it.  Whether you need a refresh on your current logo, or a brand new logo to kick off your brand strategy, we’ll make you stand out above the rest.

Business Cards

You hand them out and they become the first interaction a client or customer has with your business.  Make sure that counts for something.  Fresh and progressive designs, striking graphics, and a suggestion on card stock will give you all you need to impress.


Promote your services with a strong and concise piece of design that will inform and impress your clients and customers.  And with our Rockies and Everest plans, we even come up with the copy writing for you.

Letter Head

Make every letter and document official with a company letter head.


Send a greeting card for the holiday, send a postcard advertising an offer, or simply announce a new service your company has.  One-side or double-side cards provide endless flexibility for small jobs.

Copy Writing

Need something written for your company, but unsure of how to say it?  We can make sure to craft the content in a way that fits your brand and ranks strongly in search engines.

Trade Show Materials

Attending a trade show and need a booth, banner, and/or business card stands and displays?  Chewie Media can craft and design all of your trade show needs.

*Please allow multiple months for complete trade show packages, as these collections can take some time to design.*

Promotional Product Design

SWAG – Everybody gets it.  We can design these items so they will be held onto longer and make their way into more potential customers’ and clients’ hands.


Horizontal, vertical, pop-up, and free-standing.  We design for all applications so if you need a message to get out, we can design for it.

Car Wraps

Spread awareness while driving with a partial wrap, or complete car wrap.  Our unified branding will make sure that from car to website, your visual appearance stays constant.


Want to share your business vision while driving but don’t want to wrap your entire vehicle?  A window or side decal can offer what you are looking for.

Social Media Graphics

Make sure that your social media pages reinforce your branding strategy with custom graphics and portraits.

Digital Advertising

Every graphic is a chance to enhance your brand – seize it.  Chewie Media will craft every one of your digital marketing pieces to ensure that your website graphics and your digital marketing integrate perfectly.

Clothing Design

Chewie Media can design clothing for your company.  Make sure that there are no errors when creating your branded clothing by having your clothing created by us.

T-Shirt Design

We will make custom graphics and sayings for you to display on a T-Shirt or Hoodie.  The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great opportunity to extend your brand to being worn on the weekends and evenings.

Package Design

We will extend your brand to the packaging of your product or family of products.  Make sure your products fly off the shelves and create a positive connection with your brand.

Video/Motion Graphics

Websites with video are now holding visitors’ attention for 144% longer on average.  Take advantage of this great medium and make video a part of your brand strategy with Chewie Media.

*Available in Everest Plan only*


You’ve got an idea but it isn’t listed above?  No worries!  We love to work on new and exciting projects.  Simply tell us your idea and we will do our best to make it happen.  You’re going to love the results!


Just wanted to let you know that your awesome website and branding is giving me fantastic business. Thanks so, so much! I'm so busy right now that finding time to even update my blog is going to be a challenge. You're a genius!
Lisa McLellan
President - Novii Counselling and Consulting

Why spend any time without an AMAZING branding strategy?