This plays into our last post about having TOO MANY IDEAS.

It’s something that we hear often – business owners and entrepreneurs are always running short on time. Time to do the work, time to grow their business, and time to live a life outside of that. With these tips, you’ll be able to live a life with greater balance and productivity. Too many ideas but not enough time? Here’s how to create MORE time in your business.

Step 1: Create Systems • Tools and Processes

Systems are powerful! Utilize them. This allows you to ride the waves of business growth and proactively address them. Having a simple system in place for the smaller tasks can save hundreds of hours per year.  

Look at issues that you are currently experiencing:

Identify issues that happen regularly.
Example:  Invoicing
Identify issues that take a lot of time.
Example:  Tax preparation
Identify issues that frustrate you.  
Example:  Daily commute
Identify issues that are outside of your core competency.  
Example:  Cleaning

What are some examples of systems?

  • Email. Use a schedule to check email, write emails, and file emails. Time block!
  • Hiring. Follow a consistent process for finding, screening, hiring, and onboarding.
  • Cleaning. Develop a routine that allows you or a third-party service to clean your office space.
  • Scheduling. Where people can find available times on your calendar and schedule a meeting.
  • Meeting. Set an action plan so they don’t take up too much of your time. Take Notes. Come up with actionable steps afterwards and follow those steps each time.
  • Accounting. Work with a bookkeeper or accountant to efficiently process
  • Wardrobe. Eliminate the need for time-consuming shopping or the mentally-demanding task of choosing the clothes to wear each day.

Systems create freedom.

Step 2: Manage Yourself • Health, Energy

You  are the backbone of your business, and it’s success relies on you.

• Find ways to boost your confidence – whether it’s working on projects that excite you, or starting with the smaller projects that you will be able to do easily and effectively, your confidence will rise and you’ll be more productive.

• It’s different for everyone – learn about yourself, discover which projects take more energy than others and allow time around that to regain that energy. Know what that looks like for you! Once you know your natural energy rhythms, honor them. Go outside. Take a walk. Recharge.

• Take care of your health! Physically, mentally and spiritually.

What are some things that you could do differently? Write them down!

Step 3: Delegate • Partnerships, Assistants

Take what you learned from the first two sections. What are tasks that you hate, or that drain your energy? What could you hand off to someone else and still be effective?

  • At first, force yourself to delegate.
  • Be proactive. Waiting until you’re completely overwhelmed: Delegation will be stressful!
  • Know who you have for support, and their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Invest time in teaching. Teach others how you expect it to be done. Set those clear boundaries. 
  • Trust, but verify. As a business owner it’s fair to check over the work of others!               
  • Give and receive feedback. At the end of the day, it’s your business!

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