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Monthly Archives: October 2013


Introduction: So you want to have a web presence

Ah the internet: the great promise of bigger and better things to all businesses and people.  Where one can make a fortune in a day, become a sensation in the time it takes to “go viral” (see?  Buzzword!), and generally expand your horizons from the area that you can physically access to all over the world as fast as you can say “generation c”.  I know that for some of you reading this, the idea of this is second nature and that the very voice in which I am writing this sounds “old”, much like a textbook talking about what the promise of dial-up internet and the ability to “instantly message” people really means.

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Red Deer

Our office in Red Deer, Alberta is our new mobile office that we have been experimenting with.  Our clients enjoy the added freedom this affords as we can travel directly to you.



Our office in Brooks, Alberta is located on the Brooks – Duchess highway.  We love the fact that we can serve locally in the Brooks area and the Country of Newell.